Ready to Plunge into Aerials; One more question...

After weeks of consideration including surfing the posts on this site and intensive listening, I have finally decided to go with either the model 7B or 10t for mains (depending on which I can find on the used market with the best condition/price, etc.)

However, I am having an extremely difficult time deciding between the CC5 and the CC3B center. Many people here who own the CC5 rave about its performance but many others say that the CC5 is not that much better than the CC3B to justify the diference in price. The significant weight and difficulty handling has been a negative for some.

Come on guys, I know this hobby is addictive and can eat a person up like cancer. However, knowing that, a lot of people probably bought the CC5 just because it is now considered the best and people in this hobby can't stand not to have the latest and geatest. So, realistically, is the CC5 really worth the extra cost over the CC3B?

By the way, to the owners of CC5's, I hope I did not offend anyone. If money were not a consideration, I am sure I would buy the CC5. However, money is tight in my household. If the CC5 really is that much better, I will find the money somehow because I too am sucked in tight to this ##@@ hobby.

Thanks guys, you have been a geat help thus far.
Can I ask what other speaker models you looked at and why you choose the Aerial line? I am just beginning my search for new speakers.

Sorry, I can be of no help with the center channel speaker.

My finalists were the B&W Nautilus and the Aerials. The B&W's came in at a DISTANT second.
Someone just listed a cc3 for sale at a good price. Maybe that will help with your choice.
I went with the 7B's (front and rear pairs) and a CC3B center. These are excellent pieces that all happen to use the same they match particularly well. Of course, all Aerials will match pretty well, but I always like the drivers to be the same. I wouldn't recommend spending more money on the 10t's (which by the way use the same tweeters as the 7b) or the CC5. They simply don't offer as much "bang for the buck."
Not to stir the pot, but have your heard the Talon line? Everyone's ears are different, but to mine, the Raven X's (best bang for the buck) or Khorus X's (for more $) are a measurable step ahead of their Aerial counterparts. Even the original Khorus' for $4K used with a Peregrine center channel would be a better investment IMO, but this is an admittingly subective evaluation. I happen to agree that the Aerials you've mentioned outperform B&W Nautilus in most respects, so maybe our listening preferences are similar. Whatever you decide, do enjoy and do not fret!
Room size is a bigger factor the $ to spend. Make sure your speakers fit the room they are to go in. DO not buy up higher models because you think its a better speaker it may be if its the right room.
I upgraded to the CC5 from the CC3 a year ago. The CC5 is significantly better than the CC3. The CC3B improved the midrange clarity with a crossover change. The cabinet height
is lower and the depth is longer. The CC3B is a good match for the
7B's. The CC5 is terrific but will overpower the 7B's. I have the 8B's and the CC5 is almost too much for them. The CC5 is a big speaker and is meant to mate with 10t's and above. The Aerials need a big amp to drive them to their potential. They also lean toward the warm polite side so the amp and HT processor should lean toward the brighter more analytical side. The Krell components are a good example and a good match.
I too can't understand why you skipped the 8? Its bass can be overwhelming in a smaller room, just as the 10t.
I really like the locally-made Aeriels, but once I heard the scarily-good midrange of the Verity Audio speakers my heart broke, and I ran to Quebec!
I listened to the intire aeriel line before I bought my speakers (I went with innersound eros, I love the sound of electrostats) and I would tell you if you are a two channel stereo enthusiast to go with the 10t's. Marvelous speaker with the right front end and amps. A buddy of mine has them hooked up to a classe cd player, levinson preamp and levinson 334 amps, transparent cables, and all I can say is that they sound great in his set up! I think the 10t's are worth the extra $ and effort to find since the bass is so superior to their other models.