Re-Foamed OHM Walsh 4's

It usually takes them one month to service drivers but this time around it took them 3 months to get the job done.

I've owned these since 1986 but they were built in 1984, store demo's.
First re-foam was in 1998 when they were a mere 14 years old; the right side was definitely gone.
Even in 1998 they were using new surround material that John at OHM said would last 20-30 years.

Fast track 23 years to present and the Walsh 4's are still sounding decent but I wanted them checked out and re-foamed as preventative maintenance.

Evan was the first to inspect them them they arrived in Brooklyn on the last week of July; sent me an email saying the surrounds were in very good shape and really didn't need re-foaming.

However I convinced him that to offset the cost of shipping that he re-foam them anyway, he agreed.

While they were in cue to be serviced I spoke to John Strohbeen who reassured me that there was no harm in re-foaming speakers several times and that he's still the final judge at OHM on new or serviced speakers. He auditions every one before they can leave the building.

So I asked him 'John what are you listening for' his answer 'tonal balance'.
His vast experience has taught him that the human ear is very sensitive to both speakers being in-sync at all frequencies.

Sure enough, my first impressions are that the speakers are more in-sync then they were prior to being serviced. Mid-range is slightly more forward and background vocals are better defined.

I'll post more updates as I do some critical listening.
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