Question regarding DAC3 Standby

For anyone that owns a DAC3 - should it display two dashes on it's screen when on standby?
xactly.... i was a little panic'd when i got mine...and when given power that was what show'd up on the screen.. U should then see the firmware version when the unit comes out of standby...

Also... dunno if you were aware...but if your preamp/integrated/receiver supports a theater pass through, you can use the DAC3 as a passive line stage (volume control).. u may find you like the sound of it.. I was quite surprised.
Many questions can often be answered by reading the manual. The two dashes in standby mode is indicated in the manual. I'm not trying to be a smartass, but I often get questions about things that are stated in the manual. They truely are meant to be read.

Enjoy the DAC3. It's a great piece.
What's a manual?

My question would have been better phrased as why the thing needs to display anything 24/7 when you don't intend to use it. I owned a Benchmark DAC1 for some time and its standby setup was better implemented/thought out. Overall though, the DAC3 is a step up in performance, even when relegated to 16/44.1 for usb (and I'm aware of the 24/96 interface they have for sale now as well).

Thanks for the heads up Objective1, I've an MF A5 Integrated that was setup that way with the Benchmark DAC1, will likely go that route with the DAC3 as well. Overall I'm pleased with the Bel Canto so far.

Thanks all.