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Difference between Luxman L-550A II & L-507u
No worries Nolitan. I really think the 505 is great. You should also know that the difference between the 505 and 507 isn't just 10 watts. The 507 has better binding posts (look like WBT in picture, the newer distortion reduction circuit (ODNF 3.0... 
Abour EAR 834 Int Amp activating phono stage
Newbee is right, the Ear integrated doesn't have a built-in phono stage, and simply has a line-level input designated to connect your phono stage to. 
Pass X250.5 with XP-10 or Aesthetix Calypso ?
I used to have the Aesthetix Janus and got to try it with a Pass 250.5. It was a very good sounding combination. Why aren't you sure you want to use tubes? My impression of the Janus was that it didn't have the sound typically associated with tube... 
Great phono pre
Do you need a phono pre with more than one input? Do you want to run balanced or single-ended? I think the Einstein is really wonderful, and if you're in the league of the Boulder, this seems like a good choice. I had the aesthetix Janus for a whi... 
Grant Green's version of 'Round About Midnight
It's on "Green Street" which is a stellar album over all. I just got Kenny Burrel and John Coltrane on Vinyl (had it on CD, but lost it). Also very good. 
sub-$1000 bookshelf speaker/monitor recommendation
Thanks everyone for the replies. After researching them the Proac's and Spendors are definitely interesting. More options welcome! I've got time to put this system together. 
Grant Green's version of 'Round About Midnight
Thanks everyone for chiming in. I'm more a hard-bop guy myself, so it's nice to get some recommendations outside my general arena. I love Django, but the recording quality is obviously a little iffy--still a guitarist I listen to weekly. If you li... 
Speaker cables for Simaudio/ Dynaudio
Well, one could assume you're already familir with the Heimdall in your system then. I would just bite the bullet and get the Heimdall from Cable Co or something, that way you can return it if you don't love it. 
Speaker cables for Simaudio/ Dynaudio
I would imagine it's very rare that someone has heard both of these cables with your amp/speaker combination, so in general the best anyone can do is venture an educated guess, which is going to be very general, since we also don't know what else ... 
So Many DACs - So Little Time
What's in your system? It's hard to recommend without knowing what else is in the chain. Also, what ideally do you want to keep the price under?I've owned or auditioned every DAC on the list except the PS Audio Perfect Wave and the Bryston. I've h... 
Speaker cables for Simaudio/ Dynaudio
I think it would help to know what you don't like about the sound now, and what you're ideally looking for. Granted, a cable may not fix or change everything/anything, but it helps to know your tastes. 
Alternative to Plinius 9200
I would say if you love the amp, then stick with it and see if you can get it fixed through the distributor. I had one for a little while and had the same issue. It didn't affect the sound, but it bugged me nonetheless. You can spend a long time h... 
J.A. Mitchell TecnoDec vs. Clearaudio Emotion CMB
I have the Clearaudio Performance with Satisfy arm and Lyra Helikon and love it. It's a no-nonesense, easy to maintain setup that sounds wonderful. I think it's strong points are sound-staging, pace, and an even treatment of frequencies, with no p... 
Warm Sounding Power Amp or MHDT Havana DAC?
I second Tvad's advice. Yeah, The Havana can help on the top-end, but in the long run, if you change speakers you may end up changing other gear to suit. Just be patient, save, and get the speakers you like. 
The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
You haven't really heard what they're capable of until you put a Clever Little Clock in the room.