Question for Audacity Pros!

I hope that there is someone who might have an answer about Audacity or my sound card.
I just got a New (refurb) sound card from EVGA as my old one was sent in on an RMA. They upgraded me to the Pro version without even warning me so I am brand new to that card also. Since I Have been having problems with Audacity. I can record for a constant stable source, always SPDIF feedback loop, and for some reason the volume levels are crazy. I might get 5 songs in a row all fine and then one will blast everything out. Not only that but when looking at the 'Graphic Display' it is showing normal levels OR just the opposite the Pictured recording may look the same but the graphic display is redlining. In both incidences, the sound almost blows both my speakers and amp.
Considering I am using a feedback loop for recording I checked that the playback volume is low or normal and on playback, the Record volume is low or off. I never had to do that before. I did just get an update on the Audacity software so we will see if that helps. My second fear of course is getting a refurbed item, I ended up with someone else's problems on the sound card.
The only oddity I saw installing the sound card was that on a unit that has frequent installation problems, it went FAST and flawlessly on my installation. But even if it were the sound card at fault, it would have to be taking a normal signal and forcing the amp volume to levels unheard of. Literally overdriving them to extremes.


I'm not sure how you have Audacity set up, but on my Windows PC I only have three choices for the audio host when recording audio - WASAPI, DirectSound, and MME. I use WASAPI.


Here's a link to the section in the manual about the Device Toolbar -


And here's a link to the tutorial on recording computer playback -


Hopefully these will help you sort out your problem.


Thanks, Spatialking. Yes, those are the settings I also use. but will spend some time looking over the links you provided.

One other thing - I looked over the Nu Audio software page and I see it has options for SPDIF or speakers. Try using the speaker output and setting channels to two if you haven't already. Maybe that will give better results.

You would have to remind me to call them (Customer Support)! I have gotten so calloused over the years from calling on CS and at best getting, "Did you check the Forums or FAQs", that I let that one slip. I made some changes in the last two days and along with the newest update I haven't had the problem, so let's see if it was something transitory.

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