Purifi Class D: Junk?

So, from the previous thread about high-end class D the Purifi module was brought up. I decided to get a cheap example from VTV, a simple stereo unit with a single Purifi module and matching Hypex SMPS. Standard input buffer. I got it in yesterday. First impression wasn't what I was expecting: weak, congested dynamics is what stood out to me. I expected greater expression through my ProAc D30Rs. The other problems such as poor soundstage, thin / boring character, etc, I marked up to needing burn-in before evaluating. So it's been 24 hours, I would still expect to get at least the high control / damping of high end class D and dynamic power, but it's just not present.

Could it be an impedance mismatch? Other manufacturers selling the Purifi with their custom input buffers are reporting 47k Ohms. VTV doesn't say in the manual or on the site. I checked the Purifi data sheet which reports...2.2k Ohms on SE???? That can't be right?? That's absurdly low! Am I reading the right spec? My preamp has an output impedance of 230 Ohms. Can someone confirm that the stock Purifi has this ultra-low input impedance?
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Sorry ricevs, I’ll add corrections to the end of it.
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All anyone has to do is an advanced histrory search of Audiogon, tweak1 with EVS or tweakaudio mentioned, both your company, and there’s the proof.
I did own one class D amp in an office system NAD M33. Kept it in that system for 3 months and elected to unload it while all the hoopla over this amp was positive.

Was just to much for my office and operated at very high temps. Elected to get the Moon Ace all in one.

The M33 had good sound quality and is built well.
George, don’t you ever tire of being wrong, or jumping to wrong conclusions?

In the early 2000s I was partner in a audio company named AudioTweakers, and took Tweak1 as my UN. It had (and I have) ZERO affiliation to Tweakaudio, which is ricevs’ website name. I am simply a very happy customer

Over 10+ years I owned lots of class D amps going back to a PS Audio GCC- 250, which I bought new when I was a dealer (still in use in my video system). As time went on I have owned several W4S amps, Underwood HiFi 100.2SE monos with upgraded fuses, Audio Alchemy DPA-1, and prior to my EVS1200, PS Audio M700s

I bought Ric’s EVS1200 because it had a 30 day money back and I was expecting the Voyager GaN amp within the 30 days so I could compare the 2. We know the Voyager still hasn’t been available, but I remain very happy with my EVS1200. Reviews of PS Audio’s M1200s have been fantastic, so there is at least some comparison to be made, though I am confident Rics pixie dust puts mine on a much higher level.