PS Audio PS1000 to power a large tube amp?

I am considering one of these for my front end and cj Premier 140? Is this asking too much?

I am running my entire system on a p1000

Air Tight Atm-3 tube monoblocks
Aloia Pst-11 preamp
Genesis digital lens
Vac DAC tubed D/a converter
Altis CDT-3 transport
Celestion crossover

have lots of room left if needed. the meter reads 474 watts at most times.
I tried to run my front-end and a CJMV60 and the PS1000 was unable to do it and in fact would blow the fuses in my gear if I exceeded roughly 400 watts usage. Jeff
jeff, you may have an issue with your p1000. the p1000 is able to run past 1000 watts of usage. the p600 can handle up to 720 watts I beleive.
Agreed - Jeff you had an issue with yours. I ran a Levinson #40A, Levinson #40V, Levinson #51, JBL SDEC-2500A EQ, Digital Box, 61" Plasma, Theta Voyager, Stewart Screen, Faroudja NRS, and a trio of Levinson 436's without problems. Granted, it was just 3 months while power was being run!

I returned my P1000 to PS Audio and they said it was fine and mailed it back to me. The problem with fuses blowing disappeared when I took the P1000 out of my system. Rather than put it in the garage I traded it in for the Premier, which is supposed to handle 1500 watts. It crashes when I try to run my tube phono stage, tube preamp and Joule Stargate monoblocs - but at least it doesn't blow out fuses when it shuts down. When I remove the tube phono stage, it doesn't shut down, but the fan does come on and remain on.

I would imagine the combination of the tube phono stage, tube preamp and Stargates draw perhaps 1200 watts? Just based on my experience, its hard for me not to conclude the PS Audio units cannot handle their rated power draw. But, they do improve the sound of what they can handle. Jeff
I had my Cary 2A3 SE mono blocks, a Cambridge cd player and a ViVa preamp with its power supply. All of those took only less 300W from PS1000. Problem is PS1000 blew all my system fuses and caused my mono block transformers arched and making pop noises which could deem all display led lights from CD and preamp. It happened every other day or some time in less 2 hours playing. Fuse are blown more frequently lately.
I took out the PS1000, system running ok.
Seem like PS1000 is having an issue. I bought it from someone so can not return to PS Audio.
Can someone tell me what was wrong with it.
PS1000 is once blew fuse itself and once display fault. Other than that it was still up and run normal so hard to tell if it was at fault until I took my system off from it to ensure system is ok without PS1000.
Please help.