PS Audio "AirLens" streamer coming soon?

I "heard" about this unit from stumbling around and googling "I2S music streamers" and also a little info here...

Seems that venerable US manufacturer PS Audio will soon throw their hat into the dedicated streamer-only market with a unit that, from the outset, looks intriguing:

- approx. $2K price point

- wifi or ethernet connection

- I2S output...!!!...for those with Denafrips, Holo or other DACs!

- "The PS Audio AirLens completely eliminates the problems of noise, jitter, and EMI influences through complete galvanic isolation and perfect reclocking of the digital audio signal." - says the company on their hidden web site for AirLens: 

-  No U.I. to speak of or AirPlay so not sure how legacy Apple Music libraries are addressed.


Anyone know more or have a view on this unit? It has been delayed but appears set for release this quarter.


Yes, I followed that thread for a good while.  PS Audio promotes their I2s and galvanic isolation.  Many streamers have galvanic isolation.  I thought that I2s carried a clock, but in this case it doesn’t.  My DAC has a very good USB interface and the manufacturer claims that USB performance will match I2s.  Both use PLL to lock the signal on the DAC side.  So, probably a competitive streamer at $2k.

I’ve read the same as everyone else- will be interesting to see how good it stands on its own when mated with non PS Audio gear. There is an offer online offer as a combo deal with a Direct Stream Dac MK2 for $11K Canadian ($8.4K USD). Page says they’re expected to be available late January 2023.


Too bad they didn't include storage or ripping ability.

My one  Innuos Zen 3 is still the cat's pajamas!!


i2S output from a streamer is a huge plus as i have a Denafrips Pontus II. 

Curious also about Mercury Streamer V2 and Holo.

PS Audio announced that they are shipping the Airlens streamer as of yesterday August 15,2023.  Mine will arrive on Friday.  The price is $1999.  Their allowable trade in is $600 making the final price with trade in is $1399 with 30 days to decide on keeping or returning it.

Solarboy297 - please report back your feedback. I just about ordered this streamer yesterday to pair with my Denafrips Pontus II so I could run it via i2s. Would like to get some feedback and see some reviews prior to ordering. Keep us posted!


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Please make this three posts after you sort out the AirLens.