Proceed HPA3 vs Parasound Halo A31 for Aerials

I've been using a Proceed HPA3 to power my three LR5's being used for left, right, and center.

I am considering switching to a Parasound Halo A-31. Does anyone here have any experience using this or the A51 with their Aerials? I am wondering if I will be giving anything up to the Proceed regarding sound quality and/or dynamics. The Proceed does have more power; 500 watts into 4 ohms. I believe the Parasound only puts out 400 watts at 4 ohms.
I doubt the power difference will matter much, the Proceed is a better amp in my opinion. I swapped out my HPA-3 for a Mark Levinson ML433 and the difference was subtle at best. Remember, Proceed WAS ML experimental line to try out digital, so the amps are exceptional.
Thanks Kenny. I am weighing my purchase options vs the potential cost of repair should my Proceed require repair.

My thought at the moment is, that, even if it costs me $1300 (quoted by a reputable amplifier repair shop)to have a restoration performed on my HPA3I am still financially ahead compared to amps that will at least equal its performance.
I now have the following options to replace my proceed:

theta dreadnought iii
Parasound halo a31
Bryston 6bsst

Which would provide the best match for my aerial acoustics LR5's?