Proac response 2

i have a pair that has the surround foam rotten up, thinking about ordering new pair which cost about $500 ( original factory midbass driver)through Proac distributor, i was told these drivers are scanspeak special made for Proac,the least expensive way is to have them refoamed, anyone has them refoamed and how do they sound? also where did you get them done? the last choice is i have to order from proac distributor. Any info's will be appreciated and thanks in advanced
Tim...interesting, I was quoted $700 by a Proac dealer for replacement drivers. What scanspeak driver number did they quote you a price for ?

Hello, i think Madisound in US refoame the scan-speak
driver and they seam to be very professionnal people
Have you contacted Modern audio in Maryland? they're the distributor for Proac.Ofcourse if you get them through local dealer, they have to make a lil profit just to keep them in business.Let me know, the quote i got in june this year and i dont know price might have gone up since gas price gone up too :)
My name is Simon,i bought 2nd hand Response2 speakers,i received from seller yesterday,when i open up box i was shocked,they did re-foamed but looks very bad becasue they cut surround and put them together so looks very bad,i ever seen like this re-foamed(i think they don't find same size of surround bought little big one cut little bit and ajust it put glue and join together,when i saw the picture for list i can't see it also seller does not mention it,
so i need re-foamed response2,i was contact modern audio they said Proac response2 cannot be re-foamed only replace,
cost of woofer $325 each(if you need pair $650 plus shipping $30),so i bought $750 for Respinse2 if i replace woofer total cost $1430,now i am very confused whick way is best way.if anyone know someone can re-poamed Response 2 speakers please let me know,
If you can get the materials and are a little handy you can refoam them yourself.


I have seen foam cut, and spliced back together. It actually was not all that unusual years back. It wouldn't be my first choice, but just becauce yours are like that, doesn't mean they won't sound fine. I would listen to them for some time before I assumed they needed to be "fixed" If you simply can't live with the appearance, thats a different story.
I had mine professionally refoamed. They look and sound great. I live in Phoenix, AZ and the Audio Doctor took care of it for me. The cost was about $200 including having him remove the speakers (they were stuck), shipping and reinstallation. I am not sure who did the actual work. He said it was a company that did lots of refoaming and repairs.

Did you buy the black pair recently sold on e-bay?
There is a place here in town that has done speaker reconing for at least the last 40 years. You might talk to them- they can do re-foaming easily:
Atmasphere you are omniscient about all things audio.
Parts express has the kit for refoam.
Simon, I would do exactly as recommended by Atmasphere. Mine had to be shipped and this is probably where they went.

It took a while for them to break in after having the surrounds replaced, then they sounded as I remembered them.