Preamp headphone amplifier

I just purchased a set of Sennheiser HD650 headphones and to start will be driving them with my Mark Levinson no.526 preamp built in headphone amplifier.  Does anyone have experience with this or similar headphone amp and is it a good headphone amp or should I look into a dedicated headphone amp?

Thank you. 


I have a dedicated Feliks Audio Echo MkII tube headphone amp on the way, i cant wait!

Congrats!  Let us know what you think if you could.

Soix   I just received my Feliks Audio Echo mk ii headphone amplifier and man it's a beautiful piece of electronics soundwise and build quality. It is an improvement over the Levinson preamp headphone amp and plays considerably louder so can turn down and still get the impact I want. Just ran for a few hours and manual says 30-50 hours break in so expect things to just get better. Highly recommended for $995.00. It sounds great for this price.

Can’t say I’m surprised given what I’ve read of the amp, and congrats!  My bet is you have more goodness coming.  Enjoy!!!