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Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
It is yes but has always been the Hi-End. The market for that particular brand would be a smaller demographic who believes in the product and engineering through and through. They often care less about hunting down another type of sound to relax t... 
Looking for a tube preamp that has xlr outputs.
check on eBay! someone has a Balanced Audio Technology VK-3ix which sounds beautiful. Tube design and fully balanced (I owned that model for many years before upgrading to the VK-33SE)   OOPS just saw that you got a VAC. congratulations I'm sure... 
Steve Albini R.I.P.
"A sun that never sets" by Neurosis  
Great selections but I'm biased to the Balanced Audio Technology sound. Have a look at BAT VK-80 over at music direct. It hits the budget you gave  
How would you spend my next $5K?
More music. You have arrived after moving everything away from the speakers, Great system by the way!   
Edgy Trip Hop Recommendations
Loved seeing Massive Attack on tour in NYC for the Mezzanine record. Incredible music   
Whats playing on your system today?
The Strokes "Angles" 2011 release  
Handling Heavy Amps
jfrmusic,  Try a PASS X150.8 Fantastic sounding stereo amplifier  
Thiel Owners
ok great! I do thank you for the advice and recommendation Cascadesphil. I didn't know if a certain frequency is best to have dialed in on crossover but it sounds like each setup differs depending on room acoustics. The test mic will give the soft... 
Thiel Owners
Hi Thiel speaker aficionado! I have a question regarding a low frequency powered subwoofer speaker addition to my stereo setup. In my case its the CS2.4 towers and Pass Labs X150.8 stereo amplifier along with one REL S/812 powered sub. Out of th... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Beyonce 2013, One of the best filled with beautiful music.  
low frequencies
James633 thanks for sharing those thoughts. You have a lot of experience which is always nice to hear about. I was able to get much better sounding bass from a seated listening position by putting the couch further away from the speakers. Now at 1... 
Tune of the Day
King Crimson   -   Sartori in Tangier , Released on the Beat album 1982  
My favorite classical recordings
Chopin "Etudes" played by Frederic Pollini  Brahms "Symphonies" Otto Klemperer        
Help me find a pre-amp
Try a BAT VK-33SE tube pre or a VTL TL5.5 tube pre. They're a step above the rest in that price range. The BAT has a mono switch that sounds better with some material like King Crimson Red album for example. maybe Rogue Audio RP7