Power Conditioner - balanced power hookup?

Hi folks -

I'm setting up a new home theater and would like to consider using a power conditioner (or more than one). I've read some of the past threads on this subject, but I'm still a little confused. Specifically, how useful is using balanced power, and how do you deal with high powered amps.

My system will have the following components:

Several source components including Proceed DVD player, sat/hd receiver, tivo, etc.
Anthem AVM20 processor
Krell FPB300 for main L/R
Krell KAV-250a bridged for center channel
Anthem MCA5 for surround channels
Hsu Research 500W sub amp
Rane PE-17 sub equalizer
Marantz VP-12S2 DLP projector
Pioneer PDP-505JD plasma display

All equipment other than the Krell FPB300, Marantz projector and Pioneer Plasma are contained in an equipment rack. The Krell is located about 15ft away close to the speakers.

I have several dedicated 20Amp lines wired to outlets near the equipment rack and another near the Krell.

Does it make sense to use a power conditioner (or more than one) on all this equipment, or should I focus on just the source components (and perhaps the video displays)? If just the source components, can I still use a conditioner with balanced power? Does this impose any specific grounding requirements (either for AC or for interconnects)? If all components, I assume I need multiple conditioners since all this gear will draw more juice than one 20A circuit can provide. If this is the case, can balanced power conditioners still be used? Are they desirable for high power amps? How is grounding handled between multiple balanced power conditioners?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions and thank you in advance for your advice. Specific recommendations on power conditioner equipment (and reasons why) would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to get away with $1K for power conditioning equipment, but would consider $2-3K if justified. I'm happy to buy used.

Jaytor, I can't answer all your questions, but I will let you know that I recently purchased a Balanced Power Technology BPT-2 (2000 watt) conditioner from member dealer Underwoodwally and it has made an amazing improvement in my system. I am not using high powered amps, just an ARC CA50 45 watt integrated, but I plug that plus my REL sub and all my front end equipment (4 source components plus a small tubed headphone amp) into it and the sound is just great. The ARC is a tube integrated and needs lots of headroom, but the BPT-2 provides it and more. The whole thing with some internal upgrades cost me $980 brand new. It has 8 outlets. There are other models, both smaller and larger, at comparable pricing. I would recommend you call Walter (Underwoodwally) and discuss your requirements and see what he has. There is also a website for BPT, but I don't remember the exact name.
Correction to my post above: the BPT-2 has 10 not 8 outlets. It is a real powerhorse. Website is: www.b-p-t.com
I have to second Sc53's recommendation. I bought the BP-2 from underwoodwally with upgraded silver wire, bybees, and auricaps. I'm running my entire home theater AND stereo through it. The stereo includes an ARC VT-200, Ref-1, Dan Wright modded XA-777ES, and (2) REL Stadium III subs. I was able to sell a PS Audio P-600, P-300, Exact power EP-2000, and an ultimate outlet. One of my best purchases!
Let me 3rd Sc53 `s advise. I have had my BPT BP2.5 for a year now and was so impressed with what it has done for my hometheater system that I sent it back to Chris Hoff for ALL the upgrades provided at his website with the exception of DynamiCaps instead of Auricaps installed. The improvements to my conditioner are nothing short of MAGIC. My soundstage is that of 6 bottomless wells, the depth of my speakers have improved THAT much in my 6.1 system. I too made my original purchase though Underwoodwally. BPT has a new flagship conditioner out this year that instead of balanced power uses new technology in the form of a NBT transformer from Plitron that is state of the art in power conditioners. It comes with all the upgrades as standard issue and Chris Hoff says it`s better than my upgraded BP2.5, which is hard to beleive. With 10 outlets and a 20 amp 2400 watt capacity, one conditioner should do ya. Regards, Robin
what about equi=tech the company that developed balanced power? I've enjoyed much more detail with my equitech on my front end

Thanks for the BPT recommendation. I took a look at their products and was pretty impressed with the price-performance. Only wish they looked a little nicer :-).

I don't see how I could get away with one unit. The Krell FPB300 alone can draw 2000 watts or more. I'll send email to BPT to get their recommendation, but I'm thinking that I could use a BP-2 for the big Krell, a BP2.5 for the smaller Krell and the Hsu sub amp, and another BP2.5 for the Anthem MCA5 and the front-end components. There may be another combination that makes more sense, though.

Any other brands that are worth considering that offer reasonable price-performance. How about the Monster HTPS7000? I think this only provides balanced power for up to 2A, but it provides filtering for the high power components.