Point of diminishing return for a DAC

I am currently using a Mac mini as a Roon Server with an entry schiit DAC. I am considering buying another DAC. My question: what are the opinions on the point of diminishing returns for a DAC. My system is Golden Ear Triton 2+, Prima Luna preamp Carver tube amp. Quobuz for streaming...

Look forward to thoughts and advice...
I think anywhere past $2500 has diminishing returns.
plus, in order to realize the benefits of ”more” in a DAC, you need to keep,spending on other stuff first,

then you’re on the audiofool merry go around.
I went from a bifrost to a chord hugo.  Law of diminishing returns didn't apply there.  HUGE difference.
Get some Synergistic Research ECT, stick a couple on your whatever. If your DAC has a fuse, replace it with SR Orange. You might also try a better interconnect and power cord. In terms of diminishing returns its all downhill from there.