Plinius owners, what power cable are you using?

Would like any suggestions please.
Hi,i use a stealth v12,the same on the pre aswell,which does make a big difference.
I have found the following power cords to all work well with a variety of Plinius integrated amps as well as the SA Reference amp I currently use. I could easly live with any of the following listed in no particular order of various price ranges:
Stealth Dream
PAD 20th Anniversary Contego
PAD Aqueous 20th Anniversary
CH Acoustics X-20
High Diamond P-3 or better yet P-4
Elrod EPS 3/Signature
High Fidelity Cable power cord
Thankyou for that lak.Can I ask,how good is the sa reference.Ive got the sa100 mk2 for the second time.My previous was sa 250 mk3.
I've had my SA Reference since 2006 and I had to special order it and wait
for the delivery which was shipped by boat! (LOL)
I like my SA Reference and have been very pleased with it. Drives my
Magnepan 3.7's effortlessy with great sound and extension. I've never felt
that it lacked any bass.
300 wpc into 8 ohms
450 wpc into 4 ohms
Lak,have you tried a furutech gtx rhodium wall outlet.That worked big time for me.I lost heaps of brightness and everything was better.I have 3 now I think.
I have a Plinius Hautonga. Would Shunyata Venom 3 work? I also heard Voodoo Mojo power cord is coming soon. Is Voodoo better? Thanks.
I have a SA-102, I have tried many power cords. I felt the PAD were slow and dark. The Stealth Dream was very good, Elro was not filling my expectations. I tried a number of Shunyata cords, but felt they took away from the amp, I settled on A Dream State "Dream Catcher". Excellent speed, deep bass smooth clean highs and fantastic dynamics.

I Also have Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlets, these are better than the many I have used.

As with anything cable related, it is a personal taste issue.
Having tried too many to list here but including most all listed above save Cabledyne and PAD, my favorite has been BMI; in particular Hammerhead Gold Mk3 and Oceanic. I have owned many of the 8xxx and 9xxx integrateds and amps, the P8, and several older preamps along with my present SA-201. While changing out and trying out numerous power cords over the past couple of decades, I have alway come back to BMI for many applications but, in particular, as the best match for Plinius I have found.
I use The Cardas Golden Reference on my SA 100 mark III. I use Darwin Cables The Truth balanced as interconnects.