Phono Pre: Monolithic SS or Wright Sound tube ?

Kindly spare your knowledge/experience between the two preamps.

From reading, I am currently leaning on the Monolithic(w/ upgraded power supply)but Wright Sound WPP100C(with its own external power supply)is quite appealing too. Not to mention that tube based phono-pre seems to be the logical choice when playing vinyl to capture the real(subjective) analog sound.

All comments(thoughts/evaluations/contrasting opinions)are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
At the price level of Monolithic I guess you'd better stay with SS. That's what I'd assume having no experience with Wright product you're describing.

It would be also usefull to know what you're using currently for your analogue assuming you've already got one if you ask for phonostage options.

If you know your preamp parameters such as input sencitivity, impedance, gain than it will also help to match the best outboard phono preamp with cartridge.

The better option for slightly higher price to Monolithic can be Trichord Dino that you can order directly from England $450 new.
I've owned both units. I currently own the wright and I can honestly say both units are great. You can spend twice as much money and not get better sound.As far as what to buy; it depends on your cartidge, a lot! If you have a moving magnet in the $300 dollar range go with the Monolithic and sve a few bucks, but if you have a moving coil you must go with the Wright with the step up transformer.