Phono cartridge headshell stand?


First post here, so please be gentle.

I was wondering if anyone makes a phono cartridge headshell stand and dustcover. I have several headshells with cartridges mounted and rather than wrapping them up and putting them in a jewelery box it would be nice to store the headshells on a shelf in a drilled, stained wooden stand with an acrylic cover.

Is there any such animal available at a REASONABLE price?

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I've never seen such an item for sale, but it would not be hard to get something like this made. Any competent woodworker could make the base. If the base were made with a recessed 1/4" or 1/8" (depending on the size of your case) deep rabbet on the top edge, a plastic shop could make the top acrylic piece. I imagine any of the shops advertising turntable dust covers could do this. As to what's a "reasonable" cost, that's subjective. I imagine it would cost at least a couple hundred bucks to get something like this custom made. Although you've got a good idea, I can't imagine there's enough demand for this to warrant manufacturing this on a large scale.
Hi Jan, i've seen one put out by Audio Technica that is sold in Japan. It is available on ebay from jpopstore, or joyfuljapan. I think it holds 6 or 8 cartridges and has a dust cover. Also audiocubes2 might have it too. Hope this helps.
Regards, Alan