Phono Amps

Why do the " better " phono amps such as the Sutherland PhD, Manley Steelhead, Lamm LP-2, Ear 88PB, Aesthetix IO etc. sell so slowly? It seems that even what I call the 50% rule doesn't work so well with these units.

AS has a 30 day money back on the Sutherland PhD. If I don't like it I can return it for $34.00 OOP. I am taking them up on their offer. I am not so sure I can buy one of these Phono amps on the 'Gon and not take a large hit if it will not sound right in my system.

CDP's, Power Cords and IC's seem to move quickly and one is able to try them out and then resell and get most of one's money back.
To address that issue I bought and built a KandK phono stage kit with black gates and it sounds wonderful to me. But, it requires some labor. Sells for about $1,800. Jeff
The micro current / voltage world is a curious universe. Combine that with the differences in the brain / ear interface and the fear of the emporer's new clothes and the perceived risk / fear factors also amplify with system synergy / compatiblity issues....

The "scientific process" Shama (Hebrew 8085)- to intelligently hear, carefully consider & discern, then base your action upon your careful conclusion.