Passing of an Audiogon Member

Posting this on behalf of another member and for those forum members who knew Ezra.

Yesterday, I received the sad news of the passing of Ezra (@audioezra) suddenly, post surgery. He is survived by his wife, Vernecia, and members of his family and his Pastoral flock.

Ezra graciously and with open arms invited me to his home, despite not knowing me personally, to audition speakers I was interested in. That visit remains strong in my memories and senses and was a wonderful experience.

I encourage members in the greater Chicagoland area, who knew him well, to add more.

Dormit In Pace, Ezra.
Wow, I did not know Ezra but by the comments made here I sure wish I had. As I think about all the positive things people say about him, shouldn't we all strive to be like Ezra?
Sorry for you loss david_ten and all others who knew him.
Rest peacefully Ezra.
Ezra, a kind and trusting man who now is in a far better place and is now wearing a big smile!

What can you say he was a character 

I sadly found out this weekend. :-(

He was my friend.

Every time I called him which was about once a month, to see what new system or components he had, as we all knew.

I would get on the phone and he would say, "Mario my friend", with such a warm happiness to hear from me. He always made me feel like he was so truly happy to talk to me, and asked me to come visit all the time.

We would proceed to discuss what was new in audio for each other and he would tell me about how Magnificent his system was sounding. Telling me about all different companies and manufacturers and how they make or design the finest equipment in the world. Then next month it was gone and there was always something new. LOL Loved him made me laugh.

He never spoke negatively about anyone to me, he was always positive.

Ezra I will truly miss you and I was your friend and will always be your friend.

Enjoy the Music in heaven I am sure it sounds truly Magnificent.

Your friend Mario