Ozzy Restoration OTARI MX-5050BII2

I already had a Revox B-77 Mk II (modded to play 15ip/iec) that I used for Tape Project, Analogoue Productions other 15IPS tapes. I was looking for a upgrade and the OTARI always interested me, and I always kept an eye out for one in good shape. Well, this one is incredibly well restored. I got mine yesterday and its been playing ever since and it sounds awesome. Its an immersive experience. (I have a Souloution 725 preamp, 2 magetechs & sanders stats). The OTARI has excellent dynamics, quiet as anything and has a nice deep, wide soundstage. If your looking to get into 15IPS tape, this perhaps the most affordable way to get there.  Ozzy is a true craftsman and these are beautiful units.  


I had a Revox HS 2T B77 MK2 and upgraded to a fully restored PR99 MK2, absolutely perfect in terms of build and SQ. Could not be happier. Purchased from TechTrader in Switzerland ( https://www.techtrader.ch/PR99MKII.htm ). Shipping from Europe was not an issue. I have no affiliation with TechTrader, just very impressed with the restoration work. Urs, the owner, also sells on eBay, you will get a better price if you go directly through TechTrader, as I did.