Outdoor speakers

Anybody have recommendations on decent outdoor speakers? My buddy's Sonance Mariner 300s are giving out and he's not sure what else is out there that's good.
I bought Niles 0S10's 17 years ago and they still sound wonderful. I would definitly recommend the current model, not sure of the model number.
No brainer B&W outdoor models. I have owned a pair of the 4's for about ten years with no problems
check out James Loudspeakers. They make a wide variety of outdoor speakers
with amazing sound and something for every budget
Terra speakers is another good brand
I was planning on wiring up some outdoor speakers, but I would really need 2 pairs to cover the side patio and back yard. Seems expensive and complicated. My latest idea is to get a B&W Zeppelin with AirPlay and tap into my main rig wirelessly. Has anyone heard it yet? I haven't listened to it yet, but it would be a much easier and more flexible solution for $600. Opinions welcome.
I recently purchased the Atrium 6 model from Polk for about 350.00. They look and sound great, with surprising low frequency response.