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darTZeel CTH-8550 MKII integrated Amplifier-review!
I’ve spent quite some time listening to a good friend’s system that consisted just of a Dartzeel pre and stereo amp driving Wilson Alexx speakers. The speakers articulate mid and upper frequencies live I’ve never heard before. They are absolutely ... 
Are there any parts available for the B & W 801 series 2?
Thanks for the advice. I ended up selling them to someone who showed up at the house for $350 
Speakers for triode tube amps
Thanks for the recommendations. The budget is 10k, and they cannot be floorstanders. The Audio Note sounds interesting, but I can’t accommodate the size of the DeVores. I know I can’t drive the Wilson Tunetot, my first choice and I also want to li... 
Are there any parts available for the B & W 801 series 2?
That’s what his wife told me. I didn’t listen to them. Visually, the drivers are all intact 
Dynaudio C1 compared to Harbeth Super HL5 plus?
I've owned them boththe harbeths are much easier to drive than the dynaudios. The harbeths are smoother and have almost no listener fatigue at any volumethe dynaudios need a ton of current and are voiced to play loud t sound their both, yet the dy... 
Electronics for Harbeth, Especially Monitor 40 series
I own the 40.1. I love them. I use both the naim nait XS along with a flat cap and get very musical results. I also use a Plinius Hautonga that I like even better 
Building second system around Harbeth P3 esr
I have the P3 as well as the 40.1. I have found that he least expensive Naim integrateds work extremely well with Harbeth, along with Plinius electronics  
What to use in polishing high quality wood speaker
thank you all for your suggestions 
Speakers for SET 8 Watt 300B system?
Quads quads quads 
Designer Hall of Fame
Scott Frankland--wavestream kinetics/MFA 
Best Preamp Match for McIntosh 2255 Power Amp?
The best match for a a Mac amp is a Mac preamp. They will math exactly in terms of impedance and gain. If you want the Mac sound get a used Mac from the same era or later as the 2255. Trust me, I owned Mac amps and tuners for over twenty years and... 
Newbie building modest system ...what amp?
Any old Rega, Arcam, or Linn, will do just fine. Dump the adcom as soon ad you can, you won't believe the difference. 
Burning question about two VAC amps and dead tubes
Yes very red! 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Avalon monitorsAvalon eidolon visionMagnepan mg 20Dynaudio evidence series 
Outdoor speakers
No brainer B&W outdoor models. I have owned a pair of the 4's for about ten years with no problems