Optimum Tracking force for Dynavector 20XL

I have a VPI Scout with JMW9 arm. I will be installing a Dynavector 20XL low output mc cartridge tomorrow. What would be the optimum tracking force for this cartridge on my setup? I also am wondering about VTA, I have been told the cartridge sounds best with the tail down, is this correct?

Thank you!!!
Ditto what Mofi said about VTF. When I had the DV20-XL on my Scoutmaster, I remember tracking slightly higher. About 2.1 grams. Keep in mind that tracking force can be reduced as the cartridge breaks in. Don't go crazy trying to "dial it in perfect" until you played 20 albums or so.

I set the cartridge for 2 grams, got overhang right on the money, vta is perfect, but on even slightly warped record records, cartridge drags on the record!!! What is wrong??
Sounds like the cantilever has collasped. This cart should be able to track a pretty warped record. Is the cart new or used?