Oppo BDP-95 to Bricasti M1

What's the best way to connect the Oppo (as a transport) to the Bricasti DAC?
The Bricasti M1 DAC manual states the Bricasti M1 DAC Input options are:

When the M1 first powers on, it will default to the STATUS page display on the front panel. This will show what input is selected and the sample rate. Pressing the INPUT key will take you to input select mode. If you turn the knob you will scroll though all inputs. The display will flash if the input type displayed is not active. If you want to select it press enter. Inputs are:
 #1 AES Selects the XLR connector
 #2 SPDIF Selects the RCA connector
 #3 EIAJ Selects the Toslink connector
 #4 USB Selects the USB connector .
 #5 SPDIF Selects the BNC connector
 AUTO Selects the M1 to auto mode for automatic selection of the input

I am not familiar with the Oppo BDP-95 unit. Assuming it has one of the above transport only outputs, you should be able to use one of the above input options on your M1. I suggest you verify the Oppo-95 transport only output options and call Bricasti to verify this works as you need.

For example, if your Opoo-95 has a Toslink output, you should be able to input Toslink to the Bricasti M1 DAC. I am using the USB output on my MAC Book Pro computer as input to my Bricasti M1 DAC.
You need to confirm that if you use the Oppo-95 digital outputs (HDMI, toslink, or digital coax) that you are "bypassing the internal DAC" of the Oppo player (I do not know!!) In other words, do the Digital Optical and Coaxial Output a digital signal that you can input to the Bricasti M1 DAC. The rear panel of the Oppo-95 lists the following, See #11:

1. Ethernet LAN Port
2. HDMI 2 Output (3D Compatible)
3. Balanced Stereo Audio Output
4. Composite Video Output
5. Component Video Outputs
6. IR IN Port
7. USB 2.0 Port
8. Stereo Audio Output
9. e-SATA Port
10. HDMI 1 Output (3D Compatible)
11. Coaxial and Optical Digital Audio Output =Bypass internal DAC ???????????
12. RS-232C Port
13. 7.1ch / 5.1ch / Stereo Audio Output

I suggest you call Oppo and ask them if #11 above bypasses the internal DAC. I do not know.
I found this in the Oppo-95 manual:

Coaxial/Optical Output: To set the output format for the coaxial/optical digital audio output for use with Dolby Digital and DTS-compatible receivers. The options are:

LPCM – Forces down-mixed 2-channel digital audio output. Choose this setting if your receiver/amplifier only supports stereo digital (PCM) audio.

Bitstream – Passes audio as compressed bitstream format to the receiver/amplifier. Choose this if your receiver/amplifier can decode Dolby Digital and/or DTS.

LPCM Rate Limit: To set the maximum Linear PCM output frequency for the Coaxial/Optical digital output. This menu item is intended to ensure that the audio output is compatible with equipment that cannot support high sample rates. It sets an upper limit to decide whether the player shall down-sample audio. The player does not up-sample audio to higher sample rates. The options are:

48K – Supported by most equipment.

96K – Allows a higher sampling rate and frequency response. It can result in better audio

quality. Ensure that the receiver/amplifier can support it.

192K (default) – Allows the highest sampling rate and frequency response. It can result in the best audio quality. However, please ensure your receiver/amplifier can support it.

The “Advanced” setting configures audio output to send the original main audio content to a connected receiver for decoding and reproducing. It requires a receiver capable of decoding all high bit rate audio

formats. If you connect the player to a receiver supporting HDMI 1.3 or higher version and high bit rate audio formats, selecting the “Advanced” setting is recommended. Menu click sound and Secondary Audio Program are turned off by default.

NOTE: As I stated above, it might work but please call Oppo to confirm. I do not know. The above information should get you started on getting an answer. Maybe someone else can answer the question about the Oppo-95 digital output options bypassing the internal DAC.
Hgeifman said:

You need to confirm that if you use the Oppo-95 digital outputs (HDMI, toslink, or digital coax) that you are "bypassing the internal DAC" of the Oppo player (I do not know!!)

Any output labeled "digital out" or otherwise known to be a digital interface has to by-pass the Oppo's internal DAC. If the digital signal passed through the DAC it would be converted to an analog signal that could not be transmitted through a digital output.

What I'd like to know is if HDMI allows a similar by-pass of the video processor in a cable box so that the digital video signal can be converted by the processor in the OPPO or other higher quality DVD player.
I think coaxial will be the best one, considering I'm already using the USB input of the DAC for my Mac Mini, right?