Bricasti M1 SE or Ayre QX-5 Twenty?

Help me pick one of these two.

I have a chance to get a Demo Bricasti M1 Special Edition with Ethernet card (for Roon) for about mid $7Ks, same price I can get an Ayre QX-5.

I do like Ayre (my amp and preamp are also Ayre), but that Bricasti M1se is tempting. What do you guys think?
I have listened to both on very high performing systems. For my money I would choose the Bricasti M1 without pause. Check out I have spoken with Brian Zolner (co-founder) several times over the years and I believe in his engineering philosophy. I see a Bricasti M12 and M15 in my future. Great quality and true craftsmanship.

i will listen to several more at AXPONA later this week.
Thank you @tom6897 for chiming in.

can you please describe what was missing with Ayre QX-5?
 I also feel the Bricasti is a first class machine...
 That being said one must take stock of what their goals are.
I would agree on certain studio recordings through the Bricasti has a nice full bodied boldness to them yet with live music recordings it was obvious to me something left an empty spot to the overtones and feel of the music.
 Joe Bonamassa, Live at Royal Albert Hall, Nils Lofgren, Grateful Dead,
 Heifitz, Munch Boston RCA ,any Nina Simone recording etc.
 The Ayre QX5 when compared had convinced me the timing of the music was more in sync and correct the way we hear the leading edge fundamental the natural overtones preserved together.
With listening to better speakers that are more time correct, this was easy to hear the Ayres magic, feeling more involved in the venues timing of the music.
BTW for Vandersteen Live music is their reference, Ayre has followed this timing philosophy as well.
 Make sure you hear a well broken in machine.    

JohnnyR @audioconnection : I appreciate you chiming in.

Reading between the lines, I take it you prefer the Ayre to the Bricasti?

I can't help by notice that while you are an Ayre dealer, you are not a Bricasti dealer
Quite welcome,

(((I take it you prefer the Ayre to the Bricasti?)))

Yes, in your system absolutely ....
You can even try an Ayre Codex and still hear the design character of what I am talking about.
It’s not a better or worse ordeal it’s about allowing your whole system with its zero feedback philosophy that Ayre changed our industry with play at its best.

Could you be close to a great match and possibly blowing it by listening with your eyes instead of seeing with your ears?

With what you have invested in zero feedback designs doesn’t it make sense to follow that intended design all the way through or at least listen for yourself?

((I can’t help by notice that while you are an Ayre dealer, you are not a Bricasti dealer))
If you had owned say a Levenson conventional amp with feedback I wouldn’t have even posted for you.
Happy Listening