Opinions on PMC DB1i & DB1 GOLD

Looking for ears on experience with either of these models,especially the Gold as I have found a pair at a very tempting price.
They will be driven by a 15wpc.EL-84 Class A PP in  a smallish,treated living room.Music choices include everything from Classic Rock,Acoustic/Electric Blues & Reggae to chamber at low & moderate levels with an occasional cobweb clearing session every now & then.Thanks very much,take care...
I'm listening to DB1S+ on the desktop as I type this and I enjoy them immensely. I also own PMC Twenty.21

I have no experience with lower wattage tube amps (I run Exposure amps), but if the price is reasonable on the golds, I would not hesitate to give them a run. The engineers employing these for professional mixing surely aren't deaf.  

I would, however, advise a subwoofer, even a smaller one as a cushion. I don't expect 5" woofers in dinky boxes to adequately reproduce lows, but some people do ... and then they usually complain :-)
The Gold is rated at 87 db 1w 1 m.  Not very efficient.  I would want considerably more than 15 w, and you might too.
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I think people spewing ASCII should listen to the stuff they dismiss and not rely on mathematics (or other reviews) to influence what ultimately sounds good to many people.
PMC's ratings are generally ambitious, no doubt. For example, the Twenty.21 are rated 87, but someone, somewhere tested them out closer to 84. I'd go with somewhere in between; they require current to open up. But open up they do. Dirty little secret, I suppose.