Opinions on Accuphase AC-1 MC cartridge?

I currently have an Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk 3 with Rega RB301 and Dynavector 20x2l. I'm very happy with my setup listening through a Clearaudio Balance phono pre in to a Schiit Lyr amp and Audeze LCD-2.1 cans. I'm helping my dad sell off a bunch of audio gear that's been sitting in boxes at his house for over 20 years. In it I found an Accuphase AC-1 MC cartridge. Does anyone have any experience with this cartridge? It looks nearly new. Would it be considered an upgrade, downgrade, or comparable to my Dynavector? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth keeping or just sell it and keep what I have. Any and all thoughts are most welcome.

It's a late 70's oldie but goody. Back then; Accuphase was building some of the most accurate MC carts available. They exhibited excellent sound stage width, depth and height, very precise imaging, and wonderful tonal balance. It's a moderate compliance cartridge, so- it should work well in your tonearm. Low output means you'll need a lot of gain. The AC-2 staged best at 10 Ohms. Don't know about the AC-1, but do play with the loading. Have the stylus inspected before using it with any records you value. Cartridge builders have learned much since that cart first saw the light of day. Only you can decide whether it trips your trigger now. (http://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_database.php?m=Accuphase&t=mc&mod=AC-1&sort=2&Search=Search&sty=&ovlo=&ovhi=&can=&dclo=&dchi=&stid=&masslo=&masshi=¬es=&prlo=&prhi=)
Was better than Dyna then and if Stylus and suspension are OK will be better now.
Thanks for the tips. I'll have to find someone near San Jose to check out the cartridge.
First a quick update. As I stated in another thread about my Acoustic Signature Challenger Mk 3, I have a VPI JMW 9T tonearm now mounted to it with the Dynavector 20x2l cart. I've read that Dynavector is a good match for the JMW tonearm. I'm not sure what people's experiences are with an AC-1 on a JMW. Please do share if you have any experience.

Also, what are people's thoughts on having Soundsmith retip the AC-1? Is the nude optimized contour line diamond and ruby cantilever a marked improvement over stock?
Hello Rcurlee,

I own a AC-2. I also have a couple of cartridges with the cantilever/stylus that you are considering replacing your original with. Whether or not you will experience a "marked improvement" can only be determine by you. There will be no doubt that it will sound different! If there is nothing wrong with your AC-1, I would use your money elsewhere!
Like the others, I'm more familiar with the AC-2. The early Accuphase carts were designed by Nakatsuka, who later designed the Monster MCs and now ZYX. Like many other of his carts the internal impedance is 4 ohms and output is 0.2mV. Compliance is 15 cu and VTF is 1.5 to 2.5g with 2.0 recommended. Weight is 9.5g.

The cart has a line contact stylus and response is to 60KHz.
It probably has a sapphire tube cantilever like the AC2, but I'm not sure. Maybe you can tell with some magnification. If you send it to Soundsmith or Andy Kim in Washington State, you can have it evaluated for a nominal fee. They both have excellent reputations and if you're thinking of selling it, that would be a plus.

I would try it on some old records at first. I don't know how it matches up with your arm, but after a few records you might get an idea of the capabilities of the cart. If it's been sitting for 20 years it might take a little longer to loosen up. When it first came out (late '70s) I think the price was similar to the Dynevector price today, maybe slightly less. That's not adjusting for inflation.