Onzow Stylus Tip Cleaner

I ordered a Onzow ZeroDust stylus tip cleaner to use with an Ortofon Quintet Black.  I'd read somewhere that certain chemicals in the product could cause the stylus tip to come loose from the cantilever, so I sent an email to Ortofon support asking about that.  This was the response:

I’ve heard of a few instances of the Onzow taking the stylus off because it’s very sticky. I recall a rumor where someone using on Onzow (albeit not with our cartridge) had the stylus come off at a trade show.

To be absolutely safe, I’d recommend the use of a dry brush only, as we note in the owners manual.

The ZeroDust packing has "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by ortofon" on the insert card.  I sent that information to Ortofon support, who asked me for a picture of the card which I sent.

In lieu of the Ortofon supplied stylus brush, I've been using Blu-Tack which works well.  But the ZeroDust cleaner got such good reviews, I thought I'd give it a try.  Anyway, has anyone experienced problems using the ZeroDust product?  

Using it for years with no problems.  But, as with anything to do with stylus cleaning, you have to be careful not to move the cleaner while the stylus is on it.  Just down and straight up.  Also, I basically just use it between sides, but then use a liquid cleaner after a record or two in order to get whatever buildup is left. 
I don't find it any more effective than dry brushing. I didn't know that it has risks with the Ortofons- I knew that alcohol or liquid cleaners were taboo with their cartridges. I use a dry brush, sometimes Magic Eraser, sometimes BluTak (which is, I think, even more effective than the ME). I have had Airtight cartridges for a while and before that, had Lyras. Never had any problem with the Zerodust, though, apart from its efficacy. 
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Thanks everyone.  This has been very enlightening.  I'll stick to my dry brush and send the Onzow cleaner back to Amazon.