On ''what there is''

The question looks ''philosophical'' in the sense of ''what exist?''. In the old terminology ''ontology question''.
The modern formulation (by Quine) is: ''what are the values of your variables''? In our hobby ''what are
the new available components''?  Can one person know what are available components? Obviously not
but we have ''collective knowledge''. Each contribution is welcome. Like in science. But like in science there
are individuals with special contributions. Raul with his MM contributions and his ''successor'' chakster
with his contributions about ''both kinds'': MC's and MM's. Despite his ''modest means''. I think we should
be thankful to have such individuals.
Watts is good, but even he cannot convey the nature of reality in less than a minute.
Very good video from Watts thanks....

Watts was able to communicate to all the consciousness feeling unity "sensation"... It is enough to do so....Most academic philosophers could not do that....

Watts is a Lao Tse for taxi driver....I was one younger and i read his books particularly about zen.... 😊

Nandric… son, this is an audiophile discussion forum so why don’t you and your philosophical BS beat it.
It is not difficult to understand that if you plays suddenly Mozart in a jail speakers you will create aggressive reactions in inmates unused to accomodate "feelings" and unable to entertain them anyway in their survival jungle...

Samething in a thread where the OP think about philosophical matters with people offended by their unability to understand ...

I welcome him even if i am not on the same boat for philosophy...

Anyway are we not supposed to become friends here not foes mainly ?

Or is it only for cables lovers here?

This is a thread among many other threads in the audiogon forum here.... Pick the one thread you will prefer without insulting people because they use other part of their brain....

Steamerdude and Spotcheckb, instead of voicing your feelings here about what is here, you could be doing something useful, like waxing profound over on the "What is most important, the turntable, tonearm, or cartridge?" thread.  Now there's a meaty and audiophilic way to spend your time.  Sadly, the thread has not been taken out and shot, so you still have a chance to sink your teeth into it.