Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, audio group.

I was thinking it might be nice to get a few connected states to start an audio club together. Twice a year we could set up a meeting near or at a members house. Another thing that would be great is to be able to see what items area available for local sale. I have found my self wanting to audition the gear for sale, but the cost of shipping an item tha I have never heard is hard. Many of those withing a couple hundred miles have things I would love to try, but they are all spread about. Don't have the time to drive 900 miles to check out speakers. Let me know if anyone else would like a swap/meet audio club near Ohio. I would be willing to host the first event. I live in central ohio.
what do you call a boombox after a person from kentucky hits someone in the head with it? an audio club
Interesting idea. I live in Indy and have wondered if a local group exists. I believe there is an active group currently in Cincinatti. We'll see what developes.
There is currently a very active group in Michigan.

I live in Detroit but work 1/2 time in Lexington KY, and have a deal with one of the local hotels. We could probably arrange for an event in Lexington for minimal $$$.

I would not be the swapping, continuous talking type, however, A local group with posts of tweaks to try and equipment not to buy... I would entertain that, I am currently in two Cycling groups that I get automaticly forwarded messages/posts. I ignor most of them unless the title catchs my attention. Is that your thoughts? A server that auto forwards posts for the selected/members to review an respond.

I do not like the cycle type email lists that clutter the email. I was thinking more along the lines of a get together where we could listen to some local rigs, grab dinner, and bring along things that we might want to trade or sell. Some folks have gear that is way over my limits, but for some that are starting out or others that are limited on funds or even others that don't have any good dealers in the areas.
One year later... I live on the north side of Indianapolis and have always wondered if anyone else here appreciates audio as anything other than X.1 of his home theater. As I am not particularly into television, my gear and systems are primarily vintage solid-state (1976-198) pre-remote pieces.
Morgenholz: I too am interested in becoming involved in an audio club. I'm located on east side of Indianapolis. I'm involved in both home theater and audio. Currently in the process of an all out assult to perfect a collection of equipment that would send my listening experience to new heights. Open to a Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville Ky and Indianapolis In. audio club.
I have taken the liberty of emailing most if not all of the folks who have replied here. Sounds like we have several in Cincinnatti and Indianapolis area (Greenfield, In.) where I am located. I'm wondering how many can attend a meeting the first weekend in Feb. 2007 say on a Saturday. I would suspect not everyone would be able to attend but hopefully everyone will be able to attend some of the meets. Perhaps we could start out w/ quarterly or semi-annual meetings. What does everyone think? Any ideas for an agenda, meeting place etc... Anyone have a idea for a name for our club such as Club Cinn/Indy? Is anyone familiar with operating a club of this nature that would be willing to start out the first session? Anyone know another member that would be willing to help us at least organize our club? Anyone know if these meetings are held at a members home or do we need to pitch in for a conference area at a motel or something? I'm sure if we can just get together for the first time we would be able to establish a preferred meeting critera that would appeal to most everyone. Please respond at your earliest convenience?
Hello all,
Apologies for my delayed response; the past two months have been rather hectic... In response to Fathertime's considerations, one Saturday in the first quarter of the year would probably be a good target- where and when to be determined.

Here's where I am in this hobby: I've assembled several systems from 1976-1992 that represent what I would have owned in junior high school through grad school had I had the money. These comprise TOTL Kenwood, Harman/Kardon, and NAD separates powering period american-made speakers, mostly JBL, Spica, and Klipsch. Judging by my past history of collecting vintage japanese motorcycles, I will experiment with the above until the limits of utility and storage space are reached, then move toward a modern, mostly domestic/european high-end system or two that will be keepers. I'm going in two directions: Tubes and horns or electrostats for an all-analog system, and a solid-state digital system driving omnidirectionals for entertaining. If you're hearing things like VPI, Prima Luna, Quad, Klipschorn, Ohm Walsh, Portal Paladin, etc., you're hearing what I'm currently thinking about.

I did not mean to trash HT or multichannel-- my wife leans this way and I can always learn something in preparation... I'm just old school in my approach to hobbies (e.g. I'm down to one air-cooled motorbike with carbs)-- the rest of life is complex enough.

Let's find out how many of us have similar goals and interests.
I live in Plymouth Indiana and would be interested in joining your group let me know how I can get involved.

Hello, my name is Tom and I am a friend of Alexc, the guy who started this thread. I live in Loveland, Ohio (a northern suburb of Cincinnati). I hope we are able to get together for some listening sometime. I am not good with logistics of getting everyone together though.

My system consists of the following:

Supratek Cortese tube preamp
Berning ZH270 power amp
VPI Aries 2 extended TT with JMW 12.5 arm and ZYX Yatra cartridge
Sony SCD-1 SACD player with VSEI mods
Gallo Nucleus Reference 2 speakers
Harmonic Technology Pro-11 speaker cable
Granite Audio, Transparent Audio, and VPI IC's

Look me up if you are going to be near Loveland.
Sorry, I was thinking of another post that Alex started about any Cincinnati audiophiles. I did not realize another had started up.

I live North of Cincinnati. I'm new to the forum. I've been building SET amplifiers and speakers for a few years now. I would love the opporntunity to hear other people's gear and to share mine.


I live in Louisville , have been in Audio since 62, use to be a high end dealer in the days when high end had not yet gone mad. Still have things like Apogee Duetta Sig. siting around the house. Have some unusual things in system. Drop a line to converse or get together.
Hi Stanwal,

I am organizing an Audio gathering for Sept. 21. If you would like to come send an e-mail to me (slowhand).