Nyack or Rockland area

I am an audiophile who does not know of one single person in my area who is into audio. I would like to meet someone who I can talk audio with regarding the hobby and anything related to it. Thank you, Sal
In the greater NY area there is "The Audiophile Society". Each month in Stereophile there is usually a listing for the club. Stictly high end, no surround or video.
I am much further north(Albany) how ever I have good audiophile friend who is in Cortlandt Manor which is right near you, his moniker here is Lakefrontroad aka Bill E. get in touch with him for he knows more about the organized stuff then others in our area. Cheers ~Tim
I live right near Tappan N.Y. I'm in Nyack and Piermont all the time. Contact me through the site if you'd like.
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