New York City -- Martinis, Steaks, Lobsters, Audio

I know there are a couple of clubs in the tri state area, but I am hoping to organize a more informal dinner for any Audiogon participants who might like to attend.

So this would not be limited to area residents, but to any Agoners who might enjoy a fun dinner, perhaps as a way to kick start a weekend in New York City. It would be really great if some of you were willing to travel for such a dinner.

I will subsidize some portion of the evening if people are interested, but I am thinking along the following lines:

1) Cancel New Years resolutions dinner -- steak, martinis (?) lobsters cheesecake etc at the Post House E 63rd Street (could still be $100 + per person but well worth it)


2) private party for drinks and/or dinner at midtown club if people would enjoy the atmosphere and wouldn't mind jackets and ties

Please do email me with any suggestions or ideas if you would be interested in a fun evening meeting fellow Agoners, to exchange ideas, eat drink and be merry!
Sounds like a plan. Ever go to Sparks? I like their steaks and their wine list. I'm not familiar with the place you mentioned . Great idea though.
I would enjoy getting together with others for a dinner party. I'd be willing to come up from Philadelphia.
New Year's resolutions--pah!--gave'em up for New Year's. Sounds like an excellent idea, definitely count me in.

Martinis-- Apple martini at the Four Seasons for the price of a meal in most cities

Steaks--Peter Lugars (Brooklyn) Sparks (Manhattan)

Lobster--Sparks (excellent lobsters for a steak house)

Audio Retailers--Lyric Hi Fi, Sound by Singer
Glad we are stirring up some interest here, and look forward to getting everyone together!

Jasonic and 55doc

yes I am familiar with Sparks which although certainly in the top 10 -- top 5? -- never compares, IMO, to the Post House or Peter Luger.

The Post House is in the Lowell Hotel, between Park and Madison on E 63rd, and is a little more elegant than most of the NY steakhouses, with a nicer atmosphere and less brightly lit than Lugers. (Not to mention more convenient, unless you live in Brooklyn.)

Years ago, their ad in the New York Times simply pictured a huge steak knife, and the tag line: "Horrifying Vegetarians for over 25 years!"

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to forward them. As soon as I can synthesize everyone's preferences, I will try to pick a couple of dates and send and email to each of you.

Thanks for your interest in the Audiogon dinner.
Count me in too! Hope I have not missed the dinner. Peter Lugers rules!!!! the Post House is great as well...but I am a diehard Lugers fan. Would be great hanging out with people who enjoy great audio (and food...)
I have a suggestion if people want to get together again.
Fairway Steakhouse. Above Fairway there is a restaurant. Really good meat and other favs. BYOB is $10 corkage fee. Really good time.

I'm game to bring something good.