New TT vs Cartridge/isolation upgrade

Hi all,

I'm contemplating an upgrade to my Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon turntable.  Goal is to achieve a warmer sound with better imaging and soundstaging.  I'm considering two options, both of which would cost me about $600:

1:  Keep the RPM 1, replace the stock Ortofon 2M Red cartridge with Hana EH and add an isolation platform that would allow me to better level the turntable.

2:  Sell the RPM 1 and replace with a stock Pro-Ject Debut Pro, which ships with a Sumiko Ranier cartridge.  The Debut Pro has adjustable feet, which would make the isolation platform less vital (either TT will sit on a pretty solid wooden credenza).

Any thoughts on which path is best?  Basically the question is whether upgrading the RPM 1 or moving to a Debut Pro will yield better sound.   



I’d be careful with footers and isolation platforms especially when it comes to turntables. It’s very easy to make things worse.
I suggest you focus on phono stage and cartridge. The Hana E series is very good as long as it matches with your table and your phono stage isn’t a bottleneck. 

Thanks, everyone.  I'm using the phonostage that's built into my NAD DAC/preamp, which I imagine may not be able to fully take advantage of a cartridge like the Hana EH.  I'm thinking of keeping things simple and just replacing the Ortofon 2M Red with a Sumiko Ranier ($150) to get a warmer, fuller sound.  I'd then wait to upgrade TT or anything else until I have a lot more to spend.