New LPs with CDs inside

Lately I've been enjoying LP releases with CDs inside, as opportunities to closely compare the current state of RBCD to vinyl and to determine where one's system shakes out in this regard. Some recent examples include Emmylou Harris "All I Intended to Be", Pretenders "Break Up the Concrete", Wilco "Sky Blue Sky." Has anybody noticed this and if so, what are your observations?
Radiohead, "In Rainbows" is my favorite dual format music software purchased in the last couple of years.

If you order from Radiohead's UK website you get two heavy 45 RPM LP's, CD and CD with extra material.

I burned the CD to iTunes and onto my iPod for the car while LP's get play in my main system.

I also bought the US vinyl which did not come with a CD. It's pressed at 33 and nowhere near the quality of the UK version.

I didn't buy the USA CD, so I have no comparison to offer about sound difference between it and what came from the UK.
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I've heard that the "Mudcrutch" (Tom Petty's band) S/T LP comes with a CD that uses no dynamic compression. The retail CD uses dynamic compression which would be an interesting comparison.

Viridian-> You've never thought of comparing LP's and CD's??? Critical listening is a big part of choosing components for our systems and specific recordings/formats that make the music shine. Nothing neurotic about that, IMHO.
My purpose in posting this thread was partly to find out if progress in hardware & software has led anyone to change his assumption regarding the superiority of either medium. As the gap between these media has narrowed, it's interesting to try & describe the small remaining differences between the two. My own observation is that both the vinyl and CD in some of these combined package releases is of high quality, which somewhat removes from the discussion the variability of quality that one often finds from release to release in either medium. Finally, in recent years CD players have gotten so good that it's more interesting to compare them to record players than to other CD players.

The Petty release is something of a break-through insofar has he allows that purchasers of audiophile vinyl might also enjoy an uncompressed CD. What a concept!
The newest Lindsay Buckingham "Get The Screws" has a CD included with the LP.

That's "Gift of Screws", it's the title of an Emily Dickinson poem. It's also my favorite cd of this millenium so I have a question:

Have you compared the LP to the CD and, if so, what's the deal?

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The Petty release is something of a break-through insofar has he allows that purchasers of audiophile vinyl might also enjoy an uncompressed CD. What a concept!

Tom Petty happens to be an audiophile.

He is also probably trying to make a statement against the industry by publicising the fact that hypercompressed modern CD's are indeed inferior sounding (and it is not the media itself - it is the mix/mastering process).
Based upon listening to some CDs that purport to use no compression, I agree that compression may be the main offender in the compromised sonics of RBCD-- moreso than sampling rate.

It's interesting how some new vinyl releases are coming through with a companion CD and others with a free MP3 download. It must cost the record company almost nothing to add these bonuses, and it really does leverage the marketing of vinyl into multiple audiences.
Tom Petty is most certainly making a statement, on the cover of the cd that came with my album he explains the lower level and ends with......"turn it up and enjoy".
I guess I am a mess because I did compare the CD to the Vinyl both for testing noise on my Vinyl and warmth or lack of on my Digital, it was a bit difficult because of gain issues between the two formats.