new loricraft user / solutions questions

I searched on the gon and found the threads on 0 tracking force, rings for the loose thread issue etc, thanks guys for all the helpful hints

now I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the cleaning solutions

I sprang for the $40 kit with all solutions and I have a big bottle of Disc Doctor MRC
I also had a box of new sleeves from Acoustic Sounds (any other good sources for these?)

I noticed I didn't get a bottle of Smart regular in my kit - so I used the Smart Potent on a few thrift store finds
My son even took note and got in on the cleaning, how nice
he couldn't imagine needing a record cleaner and a player
wow dad, that looks like it costs a thousand dollars, I just smiled...

cleaning was fun but I want to hear the end results
I'll set up my table this weekend when I have more time!

should I use the Premier pre soaker or Bugtussel every time or only on problem discs?

would you recommed the smart, le art du son, or disc doctor as the main cleaner?

what order should I apply solutions?

Loricraft recommends
Bugtussel for mold - vac
Premier for mold compounds
followed by cleaner of your choice - vac

seems a bit excessive

also how frequently should you Loricraft a record
every time seems a bit much, every 4th? just a dust off unless you hear new surface noise?

I love this machine!

Hi, I use the Audio Intelligent three step process. If you value your record colletion, you should also. Lloyd Walker makes a similar cleaning system. There have been posts discussing this in great detail in the last few days.
Tom - Congratulations on your new RCM.

For first time cleaning of used and new:

Premier - applied with motor on
Bugtussel - applied with motor off, and spread with sponge paint brush
RRL Super(?) Vinyl Wash - applied with motor off and spread with Disc Doctor brush

I pretty much swear by this sequence.

When I ordered my Loricraft I bought the $40 package and the nice sales lady asked what combination of their cleaners I wanted - I took two of the 'Potent' varietal since I was otherwise committed to the above. Its gotta be a really nasty spot of gunk/grease/goo to get me to use the 'Potent' but I've done it maybe two or three times.

If I feel the need to do a subsequent cleaning it is rare to use more than the RRL SVW. If you get away from paper sleeves, keep your stylus clean, and brush dust off before play, then subsequent cleanings are needed infrequently at best.

I am aware the following confession may get me branded as a loon... I put RRL SVW into a small fine mist spray bottle and spritz the leading edge of an original Discwasher brush, spread the SVW across the DW length with the bottle, then proceed to use 'in the traditional manner'. With a light touch it does just fine in picking up dust (and cat hair) from records during the high static season. Prior to each use I brush the DW lengthwise with a stiff bristle.

For sleeves I use Sleeve City. Whatever inner sleeve comes with the record I place back inside the record cover. I put the cover in a Sleeve City 'Ultimate Outer 5.0' which is a 250 micron clear polypropylene heavy duty outer sleeve. The cover is inserted with the sleeve opening at the top. I then put the cleaned record in a 'Diskeeper 2.0 Antistatic Record Sleeve Item No. 9235'. The record in its inner sleeve goes between the clear outer sleeve and the cardboard cover with the opening of the inner sleeve turned sideways. For me this approach totally eliminates any scuffing and makes record access simple. The outer sleeve is plenty thick to protect the record. I believe this approach is less dangerous and less damaging than storing/removing the record in its cardboard sleeve while virtually eliminating wear on the cardboard sleeve. For the cost of a new release from Classic Records I can store 100 records. This is probably considered more lunacy, but it works well for me.

Good luck with your new Loricraft!

I agree with all the prior advice, and I too love my Loricraft, as I'm sure you will love yours.


thanks everyone for the advice
what's needed for thick buildup or fingerprints?

Tim, great tip on sleeve city
I bought enough for 250 records
a good start

Thick buildup or greasy fingerprints may require one of the Smart cleaners. Otherwise VZ + RRL SDC + RRL SVW is my regimen. That's adequate for 95% of the LP's I clean. Jtimothya's methods are very similar to mine, except I like the MFSL style inner sleeves from Music Direct.

Stop typing and get back to cleaning!
Sleeve City ( 866-380-4168.... is a great source with excellent prices for inner sleves and outer Cover Jackets.
I have had the best luck by far with the MFSL's inner paper covered poly sleeves. The MFSL letters printed on one side make it extremely easy to find the opening of the sleeve.
Sleeve City's Polypro 5 mil outer jackets are just perfect. Crystal Clear and stiff enough to make it a snap to get the Record Cover back into the Outer Jacket.
Sleeve City will discount on larger purchases (15% off as I recall). Call them for the discount.
There is no connection between me and Sleeve City other than being a happy customer.
To add on, I think what matters more is the cleaning technique. I now prefer to continue brushing the LP just outside of the arm as it moves outwards, continuing the brushing right to the edge of the LP.

Another thing is, I try to clean every LP side before play. The effect is that I haven't had to clean the stylus of grudge, dust after playing, so both the LP and the stylus are clean.

Happy spinning.
I now prefer to continue brushing the LP just outside of the arm as it moves outwards, continuing the brushing right to the edge of the LP.
Hey! I do that too. For RRL fluids I use the recommended carbon fiber brush (one for each fluid). This disperses the fluid very evenly and forces it down into the grooves. It also minimizes the amount of fluid spraying across the room.
a few weeks experience

I've adopted the premier/bugtussel/dd solution for now

I had a bottle of disc doctor and the french stuff with the kit

comments on amount of fluid

I spray the premier about 5 or six times lightly around the record
and use a disc doctor pad to clean. use the pad again with the vacumn staying just outside the suction boundary
(will too much of this build up static)

bugtussel 5-6 small spritz is enough
then I paint it on with the foam brushes on a motionless platter
too little fluid and it squeeks

Disc Doctor cleaner - I tried spraying it on the record directly but either get too much or uneven banding
so I went to putting it on a disc doctor pad leading edge and then when I vacumn, I use the supplied brush from Loricraft in front of the leading edge

I noticed one record having residue stains - I think this was too much premier in one area

are there other solutions that do as well as premier?

I also like to do 5-6 records both sides in a marathon cleaning - so I can just sit back and listen
so far most lps near dead silence

I use the wood handled white nylon(?) brush that comes with the Loricraft when applying Premier. I start the motor, place the brush edge against the record then spray the Premier across the record from outer edge to inner. The brush disperses the fluid and I hold the brush in place until the Premier evaporates. I believe this technique forces the Premier into the grooves and avoids it being absorbed by a cleaning pad. The nylon(?) brush is firmer than a carbon fiber brush and as best I can tell, leave *no* marks on the record.

Tom - I would be surprised that Premier is leaving any residue. The stain you discovered may have been uncovered by the cleaning process. I have seen brand new records with weird stain marks on them and I consider this a defect.

Bugtussel gets applied exactly as you describe.