Neville Marriner & ASMF touring

Hi - Just a heads up here in case you're lucky enough to live in one of the upcoming cities. I bought tickets to this 6 months ago when Murray Perahia was scheduled to perform and conduct, and frankly, I've never been too enthusiastic about Perahia. So when I looked at the program after arriving at my seat (Davies, in SF) last Monday, I was surprised and thrilled to see this:

"Murray Perahia has regrettably had to cancel his participation in this tour due to a skin infection for which he has been treated. In order to ensure a complete recovery, his doctors are not permitting him to perform for the next few weeks. We are delighted that Sir Neville Marriner has agreed to conduct the tour in his place. Sir Neville will be joined by twenty-one year-old Chinese pianist Yuja Wang who has firmly established herself as one of the most significant pianists of her generation having already performed with the world’s leading orchestras including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic."

The conducting and performance was absolutely awesome - some of the best I've seen. ASMF were as tight as it gets, and Marriner at 82 years old is amazing. If you like the vintage ASMF/Marriner recordings - this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience it in person. It's not likely that Sir Neville will be making the rounds again. I cannot recommend this enough - just a totally superb evening at the symphony! They played Sunday and Monday here, and I would have definitely gone to both shows had I known...
Yuja Wang is also phenomenal - not to mention very, very cute! She played two encores to standing ovations before the intermission.

If you can get tickets to this, and you don't - you're nuts! :)
The tour info is here:
Well Opal, you have a once in a lifetime experience -- good for you! I mean that regardless of whether the performance was reference or not: it's the rarity of the experience that counts.
Heard them (both conductor and orchestra) at Carnegie last year, a terrific experience. I'd highly recommend going to their concerts if they come into your area.
Let's see...Murray Perahia or Yuja Wang?

(Hmm? That's a difficult one, I'll venture.)

I think I'd prefer an infected Perahia, playing in his bathrobe, with an IV stuck to his arm.