Neotech NEI-3001 Mk III balanced interconnect cable

I have my listening room set up with the front-end gear on the side of the room and the amp between the speakers. I am currently using 5M XLR cables constructed from DH Labs Pro Studio cable.

I am planning to switch to monoblocks positioned behind each speaker, which will necessitate longer cables (approx 7M). I am pretty happy with the sound from the Pro Studio cable, but I'm considering giving the Neotech cable a try. Anyone have experience with this cable?

I know this is an old post, but did you end up getting the Neotech cable? Thoughts?

@topside3 - I did, but wasn't that happy with it. I liked the DH Labs Pro Studio better for my system.

I ended up getting a set of Iconoclast 4x4 UP-OCC XLR cables which I really like. These are quite a bit more expensive than the other cables I tried (I also made some DIY cables from PartsConnexion "The Natural One" cable), but I liked the Iconoclast enough to keep it in my system and am now done looking. 

Plus one the Iconoclast 4x4 Up-OCC Gen 2.  Great cable. No more looking around for me!!

@jaytor May I ask what you didn't like about the Neotech? Also agree on the Iconoclast - very good! I have their speaker cables.

@topside3 - the sound was a little dull and sounded a bit smeared (lacked detail) for my taste. 

i tried the Iconoclast speaker cable as well but didn’t feel it was an improvement over the DIY cables I was using at the time. I ended up with Kimber KS 3035 which I like a lot, but again a pricey cable. Fortunately, I found a 4ft used pair for a reasonable price. Since I use monoblocks, I only needed a short length.