Need to replace my Sonic Frontiers Power 3's

One of my Sonic Frontiers Power 3's just fried. I smelled something burning as it blew out. So, at this point, given their age (though I love them) I'm not sure it's worth putting a lot of money into them (curious what others think). If I were to replace them, I'm curious what people would recommend. I have Avalon speakers, and EAR cd player and a Conrad Johnson pre-amp. Any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


I had an Anthem Amp 1 , a SF product at the time.  Whenever a tube failed , it took out a cathode resistor.  I called Sonic Frontiers and Chris answered.   He was kind enough to send me a few resistors.  They were easy to replace.    Take the cage off and look for a burned resistor near the tube sockets....could be that simple.  Cause a flash, puff of smoke and a nasty smell.   I thought it was toast 

SF uses sacrificial resistors to protect the amp from a failing tube.  It could something as simple as a burnt resistor.