Need some help deciding on Living Voice speakers

I demo'ed a pair of Living Voice Avatars today, not the current Mk2 version, but the previous version. They were at a dealer who no longer carries LV speakers. This is my first time to hear these speakers. As they are close outs, they won't allow me to home demo them, though they would offer a great price to move them. The main demo room was being used so I had to use the lesser expensive component room. The Avatars I auditioned were connected to Sim Audio components, their bottom of the line.

If I purchased the LV speakers I would get the most recent version, and probably go with the OBX version. However, I would have to order them mail order as I have no local dealer. So I either have to take a shot or not.

After the demo I came back home and listened to the same CDs on my home system, for what it's worth. During the demo I was impressed with the LV speakers, much more so than most others I've demo'ed. However, after hearing my own system after the demo I preferred my current speakers. But... I know my own equipment (listed below) is better than what I used at the dealer, and that the LV are capable of more than they gave at the store. I would like to get a more sensitive speaker, prefer dynamic speakers, and prefer physically unobtrusive design.

So, any thoughts you might like to add to help sway me in one direction or the other with the LV speakers?

My other equipment:
Mcintosh MC2102 tube amp
Mcintosh C2200 tube preamp
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 as transport
Audio Note 2.1x Balanced DAC
Audience Au24 interconnects and speaker cables

My current speakers are Tannoy D500s which have been my favorite speakers so far. (I may also have access to a pair of D700s soon.)
the d500's are are the d700's...the living voice speakers are good, but not classic....your system is superb...stick with the tannoys

I have heard the OBXs a number of times at a local dealer and own the Auditorium (both the Mk. I version). I have never heard the Avatar, but the OBXs are one of the finest speakers I've heard. I like the Auditorium a lot, but they are not nearly as transparent or detailed as the OBXs. The OBXs rival Quads (heard set up next to the OBXs) in openess and close in transparency when set up right, but with better dynamic punch. However, my listening w/ the OBX was in a fairly large room w/ taller than normal ceilings. Also, I heard the OBXs with fairly expensive electronics (VAC and Quad).

The Auditorium, by contrast, are not as transparent as the Reference 3A de Capos I owned before. However, they have better LF response, a larger soundstage (though not necessarily more realistic) and don't seem to get as congested when playing louder, as compared /w the 3As.

My impression of my speakers (the Auditorium) is that they need a fair amount of room both behind them and in front, to avoid sounding boxy. Its a struggle in my 12 X 14 ft. room to place them properly. I've never heard the Avatar, so I don't know how they would compare w/ the OBX. I have heard the D500s and 700s but in a different shop, with very different equipment and room, so can't make any comparisons.

I'm a great fan of Living Voice speakers which are a steal at the price. I'll qualify that, the Auditoriums are good, but not exceptional. They do'nt have a clean response right through the audio spectrum and are a little base light. Both the Avatar and OBX are exceptional speakers and I have Dem'd all 3 together in a good dealers room with appropriate ancillaries . It's heresy but I prefer the Avatars, the OBX certainly has a massive soundstage but to me it has an upper mid base lift, quite attractive but not accurate. You also have to consider the big ugly X-overs, where are you going to put them, not a good WAF I assure you.
Some general considerations, they are small and room friendly, but need room to breathe, at least a metre from the back wall and there imaging is so good, quite wide apart. Kevin who designed recommends 8 to 10 feet and I can'nt manage that.
They are "laid Back" and do'nt hit you between the eyes like say a similarly priced B and W Nautilus, but I again, like that. They may not be so dramatic in the show room, but they really are great to live with and do'nt favour any particular musical genre.
There builder is a valve fan and sound good with very low output SET's, but I use a quality low output SS Class A amp a Pass Lab Aleph 3, I'm told they are great with Monarchy Audio SM 70's too.
In summary a great range of speakers all different but all with a laid back, musical, house sound. The top 2 are the gems, but I prefer the Avatar and it is more practical.
I hope thats useful