Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables


I find myself ina situation where I need around 15ft cable pair. Currently I have blue jean Rca cables running. I have upgraded all the other cables and this is the final frontier. Online it is pretty tricky to find used cables of this length.. I see transparent reference cables mostly, which I learned are custom tuned for specific gear.. 

Looking for suggestions from the community on options that will provide SQ upgrade in my situation through speaker cable change..


I also need a long cable run, around 17ft. I had Blue Jeans Canare 4S11 for a while and I thought it was a great cable for the money once it breaks in. I decided to upgrade and went with Acoustic Zen Hologram cables. The cables have excellent tonality and are a real step up in every way in my system from the Canare. I spoke to Robert at Acoustic Zen and he recommended the Hologram for a long run.

If you are interested, reach out to Robert for advice and pricing.

I agree with Terry9....components are a top priority especially speakers. I bought the Canare OF wire by the foot from Performanceaudio at a great price since I'm always looking for a great deal. I then assembled them myself with Nakamichi banana jacks. Ebay has a vendor from Minneapolis that has Canare wire already assembled  at various lengths and colors if you don't want to dink around with assembly.

Just get any 12AWG cable, or even 14 or 16 for that length. You will NOT hear any difference between any OF Copper wire. Heck, you could use a coat hanger. So don't waste your money unless you're wanting something that 'looks nice', because performance won't change at all. 

The OP is already using 10 awg stranded copper speaker cables, which is plenty big for the run length.  Other than a few posters suggesting Canare 4S11, just about every poster has given a different cable recommendation.  BTW, 4S11 is actually a smaller stranded copper speaker cable than what the OP is using now, at 11 awg when configured in star-quad geometry.  

At this point, he/she either jumps on the buy/try cable merry go-round or tries the Cable Company or others that will lend cables in order to evaluate which of many cable offerings he/she likes best, or if they even hear a reliable difference between cables.  A lot of us have done the buy/try route, but it is expensive and time-consuming.


My advice is...  Mogami, and Canare is another, both available from World's Best Cables on Amazon, see: Canare 4S11 or Mogami 3082 Once you are accustomed to these, you can try borrowing some Cardas, Audioquest, Nordost, Transparent or other higher priced cables.

Good advice: Mogami/WorldBestCables/Canare/Belden (actual cable manufacturers) or other Speaker cables on Amazon. Read the descriptions/diagrams and reviews carefully. And you can return easily!

Bad advice: Higher priced cables from resellers so called major brands (they buy or import cables and dress them with thick jackets and you pay 10x 20x more