need more POWER

I have an area for HT that has only one 20 amp receptacle . It currently

has an integrated amp using one outlet and a cheap power strip plugged

into the other outlet . The power strip is powering a flat screen tv and an electric

clock . 

I want to add an amplifier to the pre/out of the integrated amp . How can I get

sufficient power to the second amp ? I am not sure if a power strip can deliver

the power that an amplifier (SS or tube) will require for proper operation plus

the other items .


Thank you . 


Focusing on HT, one 20 amp outlet should be plenty.  The good news is since it is 20amp, it should be 12 gauge from the breaker box.  

Focus on heavy power cables downstream of the wall outlet.  

"power strip" is a dirty word in audiophile circles.   

Hello saki70 - The super Wiremold power strip in the link above is a great performer. Used mostly in Naim systems. There are no circuit breakers, no fuses, no on/off, lights and no switches, just pure non limiting current. The unit is star grounded/earthed. The entire unit has neen cryogenically treated, all parts. It contains 12 awg internal wiring and a 12 awg captive power cable with a Wattgate male plug.

I've used a 14 guage 9 outlet version in my system for 20 year. It’s good non filtered power.

Good luck!


A report back...

I purchased the Wiremold L10320 powerstrip and it seems to be just the ticket !

Thank you to everyone !!!

Something that I wanted to add...I have an electric clock plugged into it as before with the cheapy strip. In the cheapy strip the clock would gain about a minute per month. Now with the Wiremold strip it does not gain or loose time at all !

Whoda thunkit ?


Happy tunes 

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