Need help with Thiel CS 1.6 speakers

I recently paired up my newer to me 1.6s with a Peachtree Nova 150 (250 wpc at 4ohms). The Nova has (IMO) a wonky volume control and I tried adjusting the volume with the knob vs the remote and once I barely turned the knob, volume shot to (I think) 100% and now 1 speakers woofer sounds kind of weak and is making a low, raspy, rattling sound. I have no experience taking speakers apart, etc but am looking for some insight.

I am trying to figure out if the woofer/driver itself is blown/damaged or something else. Someone online was describing a similar accident and learned that all the needed to be done was "re glue the cone to the spider."

If you know, how would the sound be different if the speaker is actually blown vs (read this online) needing the "cone re glued to the spider?" Again, when played, there is still "sound/music" coming from the driver, but also a fast rattling/vibration like sound,.......

Any ideas? Thanks!