Need advise on Home Theater

I have Definitive Tech Pro cinema 600 using with Marantz amp. recently subwoofer went off and irreparable. New one also not available here in Dubai.  

This time planning to go for tower speakers. found a brand called Taga Harmony (  TAV-406 v.2 & TAV-506 v.2) 

Please advise is it good to switch from definitive satellite  to Taga tower speakers.
Thanks for your guidance Scorpio, visited a couple of shops. There advise completely sales perspective. I Am planning to change all 5  Definitive Tech satellite speakers to TAGA tower.

In Definitive clarity is pretty good, because of broken Subwoofer and to feel sound in big speakers planning to go for tower speakers. Need your advice is it good to go for TAGA tower speakers (TAGA TAV-506 v.2 ) 

Yes, most commonly I found Polk, TAGA, Harman K, SVS. 
Other brands are available in selected few shops. But expensive compared to  Europe and US.

  Find a good dealer there and let them help you. Make sure your center channel is voice matched to whatever towers you buy. In an ideal world, your surround speakers will also be voice matched. Any subwoofer brands available in Dubai?