Naim Hicap2 vs Teddycap vs Avondale power supplies

I would like to get some unbiased comparisons
on the sonic differences between these power
supplies for Naim XS or Supernait int ams.

I have an idea what the Hicap2 does for a
Supernait as far as adding a lot of weight
to the music. This may be too much for my
room. What I would like is an improvement
in sound stage width, detail and vocal presence.

If anyone had done any comparisons, I would love
to hear from you.
Thanks for the link Muzikat. I have check
out pinkfish but I am not getting a good
description of the sonic differences.
Especially with the Avondale tpx2.

Also, I am not sure if the new Hicap2 is
an improvement over the regular Hicap which
is used for most of these reviews that are

Any experiences with the Naim XS or Supernait
would be appreciated.
Not sure if the New Hicvap is any better than the old one, but the old one may need recapping sooner.

I have a Nait XS, love it. Had a Supernait, very nice indeed, but no use for the DAC at the time.
Muzikat, do you have all Naim gear and
wire? My XS does have a nice sound with
good sound staging, and detail but it does
not make my DeVore super 8's sing. It is
more on the fatiguing side. On the other
hand my Exposure 2010s really makes the 8's
sing but it doesn't quite have the detail
and sound staging as the XS.

I have heard the DeVores with all Naim gear
and there was absolutely no fatigue at all.
In fact, it was very musical.

My first upgrades for the XS will be Naim
speaker wire and power supply.
Scottmac62 - I've had the Nait XS for about 8 months. Here's what I have discovered. First of all, I thought the Naim speaker cables (NACA 5) were horrible. Very shrill and lacked defined bottom end. I ended up with Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwire. Incredible difference. Made everything come alive. Next, I add the TeddyCap to XS. Very nice overall improvement. Smoothed out mids to highs. Bass is absolutely incredible. I have not tried a HiCap, so don't know how it compares to the TeddyCap.
Smholl, did you use the recommended 12 feet?
I have been informed that the 12 feet is
required for optimal impedance. I am not
sure if this is true for other wire.
What is the length of your Analysis Plus Oval 9?
Do you have a Niam front end?
per my Naim dealer, the newer integrated amps and amps aren't critical on speaker cable length. Anywhere from 6 feet to 20 is fine. I was using 8' NACA 5, now using 6' Oval 9.
My front end is CD5x/TeddyCap, Basis 1400 turntable with Stageline/TeddyCap and SQ Duet with Cambridge DACMagic.
Speakers are Monitor Audio RS-6.
Smholl, I have also heard this, but I emailed Naim
and also according to my dealer the newer integrated
amps will not become unstable with shorter runs but
they will sound better with 12 feet because they don't
have something technical that I can't remember and
12 feet is required for this target impedance.

I just bought a used pair and will have to experiment.
I am leaning towards the Teddycap and I am really
curious about the Audience power distribution center.

Any experiences with power cords or a cable pro?

My XS is listenable with my Shunyata King Cobra,
but is way too fatiguing with the tibia cord.
I usually take the Naim propaganda with a grain of salt. Sometimes they go a little overboard. As to power cables, most of mine are PS Audio Statement or Power Plus. My power distribution center is Furman IT Reference 15.
Thanks for the info Smholl. I hear ya on the Niam
propaganda. You can't even discuss Avondale
power supplies on their forum. It feels a little
oppressive over there to me.
May I know if the Teddycap made an appreciable difference specifically to the bass when you added the unit onto your XS integrated? Did the bass gain considerable depth, definition, tautness and impact when the Teddycap was added? Did the Analysis Plus speaker cable reduced the PRaT qualities after you swapped out the Naca5 cable? Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks.