NAD M22 V1 versus M22 V2 or M23

Looking for folks with experience on 1 or more these amps - especially comparisons between any 2. I’ve already gleaned what I can from search (I think).

Recently acquired an M22 (V1) that I’m pleasantly surprised with. It pairs especially nicely with a VAC tube preamp and warm-sounding Hagerman tube phono stage. This amp was meant for "non-critical" duties alongside M12 in a movies & streaming system, but ended up liking it enough that it’s now got a fighting chance in my smaller 2ch + vinyl system. Incidentally the M12 preamp didn’t fare nearly as well here - it has been mildly reprimanded and banned from the 2ch + vinyl rig lol.

I absolutely LOVE the power, killer dynamics + bass, and overall transparency of this amp. I’m less thrilled by what I discern as a little bit of listening fatigue coming from the upper treble region. And its midrange is certainly not supplying any added "sweetness". BUT it’s still good for a rollicking fun listen, and certainly wakes up my 10" Tannoys to a degree I’d not thought possible.

I’m looking specifically for a sense of what sonic gains could be expected from either the V2 revision (same nCore as V1) or an M23 (Eigentakt). I don’t really care for a technical discussion of why the new modules are better - I’m looking for subjective impressions. I also know about the lower-cost C298 - it looks sweet, but the aesthetics and build quality of Master series are important to me (however, I am still interested in C298 vs. M22 impressions).

If there’s hope of improvement from either upgraded model, I’d love to get that and put the M22 V1 back in my movies / streaming rig. I listen to my 2ch quite loud (~ 90+ dBs average), so the power of these NAD units seems to be a decisive advantage over the ~ 100 Watt class amps.

Don’t need to hear from haters of the M22 / M23 / Class D amps - I know they’re out there. Obviously I’m not one of you 🙂