Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II with Roon Core coming in June!

From their website: "Brooklyn Bridge II is the result of a major redesign of our best selling original Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge II now officially has a built in Roon Core combined with Mytek OS for easy touch screen operation from an ipad, smart phone or front panel screen. BUILT IN ROON CORE CPU - POWERED BY ROON OS: Brooklyn Bridge has all functionality of a Roon Core CPU combined with high performance DAC. Roon Software can be operated from Roon Remote App or from Mytek Web Interface from any device connected to the network. Bridge can function as a multiroom playback machine playing to different Roon end points."

The Mytek Brooklyn was the DAC/preamp I almost got instead of my Audio Alchemy DDP-1, but the AA was better. Then they came out with the Brooklyn Bridge, which had a built-in streamer, and it became more attractive (Tidal streaming built in). BUT- I still wanted Roon, so I needed a Roon Core server and got the SGC sonictransporter + microRendu to use with my DDP-1.

Now the Brooklyn Bridge II will have the Roon Core built in! One box for DAC/preamp/headphones and Roon Core server. Very attractive. The previous units sound very good too, I’ve read. Excellent headphone stage, DAC with full MQA unfolding. And, a phone stage! Can’t wait to see reviews of this. $3495 is a deal.

This could be a great 3-box digital setup: CD player, Bridge II, and power amp. With the Mytek you’re locked into their DAC, so there are arguments for having separate devices, of course.


Just build up your CD collection Patrick, with "least compressed issue release CD’s" even if you have to buy used for $5 on ebay, click on the album name and get the catalogue number to search for that issue.


And watch this, he got it right.

Cheers George
I am still buying CDs for sure! I love to own the source material (I think of CDs as smaller, shinier versions of vinyl ;) )
Thanks for the links.
I just tried to look at their website and there is a certificate error giving me a warning not to proceed to the site. So, I can't see if it's online for sale yet!

I picked up a Brennan B2 that I have ripped most of my favorite CD's to. It has an optical output that I run to an original Mytek Brooklyn or an Mhdt Orchid to an Audio by Van Alstine FET Valve CF RD tube preamplifier. The Brennan has both a web and an iOS app where I can search and select from my CD's as well and select preset internet radio stations. The music is all burned to the Brennan 2TB hardrive so there is no lag if I'm doing things on the computer or the internet is slowed briefly. Beats having music stored on the 'icloud.'