My new Well Tempered and opinions as to Isolation

As a preface:

I seldom post here-- as sometimes less of me equals more :)

It seems as though a killer deal for a very minty late model, black platter, carbon fibre arm, upgraded wiring, Well Tempered Classic V came across my path ---

Could I refuse NO!
(sorry Teres folks yer still in my heart.)

I have set it up with my DV10x4, (not ultimately dialed in yet) good lord that silicon is schticky schtuff.

It INDEED SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN, but as retentive as I am, I know I can do better ---

SO isolation ideas anyone ? (those with practical WT experience only please.)

I am thinking along the lines of a way to get those silly feet outta the way, and perhaps one of the "Bed Bath and Beyond" maple cutting boards (1 or 2 maybe). ?

I am leaning toward a Shelter 501, or a Denon 103R as my carts to get this front end where I really want it.

Decca is on the list, but I dunno if that is a good thing at this point.

Any other cool tweaks are appreciated as well ---

Ideas, avenues ?


Try some Audiopoints under it, and stay with medium compliance cartridges that don't feed too much mechanical energy back into the tonearm(that means no Shelter 501 or DL103R). Try a ZYX Fuji instead.

Disclaimer: I work for a company that manufactures vibration control devices. 1-800-307-0728
I have mine sitting on 1" thick acrylic. WT told me that the feet (and you're right, they're silly!) are specifically designed for the table, not an afterthought. They highly recommend leaving the stock feet on. My theory on this is that, because it's an unsuspended table, internal vibration needs a way out or at least ge damped and the rubbery feet probably perform that function. Then again, I'm not an engineer nor do I play one on TV! Heven't tried anything else, yet, but looking to experiment.

Other cheap tweeks to try are adding lead weight to the bottom of the counterweight and using a $2#4 or #6 silk beading thread ($2) as a belt instead of the $50 rubber belt. Drop me a line and I'll help you with either.

Lastly, I put in the OL DC motor. Nice improvement.

I do not work for a company that sells isolation devices so you should trust me, not that other guy.

I do not own a WT table, and after once owning a Teres, I will never own a Teres again. Sorry.

But, I do own a GreaterRanges Neuance shelf that is custom made for a Gyro and it works great. Don't just listen to me though. Search the archives at AA to see what others think of the shelf. The shelf will be made custom for your turntable and rack etc. What more could you want than someone who can make an isolation device custom for your tt for the bargain price of $175 (compared to the price of other isolation shelfs and products it is a good price). And the person behind the product, Ken Lyon, will talk your ear off when you call him to discuss this approach, at no extra charge. He no doubt has some interesting ideas on what a shelf should do with a deck that has constrained layered damping.
I'm quite sure I'm adding no new information to the chorus that supports the Neuance shelves, but given that I just got mine yesterday, trust me: they do make you look sideways at your system and think, "Whoa! What's this?????" They're much superior to any of the feet (thank God, no more feet....except the two I own, and whatever ones belong in the category of fetishes) on the market. Given that they're cheaper than the Pulsar Points, Walker Audio devices, or anything else, and given that, even with any of those under the component, I had to straaaaaaaaain to hear any significant improvements (they changed the sound, but I can't say it was a "Eureka!" moment), the Neuances, (which Ken told me last night would take a couple of weeks to break in), show an immediate -- and obvious improvement -- on the source. How do I know? Well, they show obvious improvements in the upper midrange, lower midrange and the bass, without dulling the highs. Along with that the transient respones, 3-D effect of individual instruments, and finally, the ambience retrieval are so much more apparent (along with the low level details). If something was masking or faking it, perhaps one of these frequencies would improve, but not all. Rarely does the upper midrange, the lower midrange and the bass improve if a component is frequency specific, or playing the Lone Ranger (that mask[ing] thing, you know).

I put mine under my First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk. II, which, poor thing, has been suffering with all my attempts at isolation. If it could talk, it would no doubt have immediately diagnosed its owner as compulsive-obsessive, so frequently did the supports under it change as the days (not months) passed. But, I'm not an OCD personality. I am flat out lazy: does it work? Good. Ready for my Lays Potato Chips. Wait, it DOESN'T WORK??? Where's the lithium?

So, Thank God for the Neuances: they bring Life to your components, or else they simply bring them TO whatever Life is contained within that metal casing, along with the wiring, tubes (or transistors), knobs and the like.

Of course, there are other suports on the market, but these platforms absolutely deliver, and you won't even remotely find yourself saying, "...but such and such has thismuchmore bass..." or anything like that. Even if some other support has 10% more than the Neuance, the Neuance has 80% more than most other components (many of which cost double and triple the cost of the "Neus" as I call them, in any case, so they're waaaay worth their el-cheapo cost). You'll just ve enjoying the musical presentation. I've joined the Neuance chorus! Hallelujah!
And they get BETTER(!?!?) over the next 2 weeks? Be Still, My Heart!!!

TWL, I take your recommends with high regard--

The recommend for the ZYX Fuji, while I am certain is a great idea, my checkbook is in disagreement. In fact it even fell off my desk and is buried way deep behind computer wires in the hope that is is not to be found :P

What other ideas for carts do you have in mind ? I would like to stay around the $800 mark, If I can spend less, I may have a better chance of finding that missing checkbook.

I don't have to buy a new cart tomorrow-- I do like the way the 10x4 is sounding, BUT that doggone audio bug sure bites hard :)

Good day to everyone, and Happy Listening!


Jimbo3, how do you get the silk string to ride at the apex of the crowned pulley on the motor? I have tried string and it always rides down, slowing down the rotational speed. I have a classic table currently. Long live well tempered! Brad
Dynavector DV20X..high or low output....
Dynavector DV17 Mk 2...

both are excellent and work well with arms designed for medium/high compliance cartridges...
I agree with Carl. The Dynavectors are very good for the under $1k market, and the 17D2 Karat has been described as a "poor man's ZYX Fuji". Only $750 retail.

Perhaps that may float your boat.

Also, there is a new Lyra Argo out there that I haven't heard. Lyra is also a very nice cartridge.

Sorry for the late post, just read your query. Dunno if you already got a cart, but... here goes:

The medium compliance ZYX R-100-02 is a good possibility, and not out of your budget range. There's a Absolute Sound review of it somewhere on the Sibatech (distributor) website (, and elsewhere on the web. Probably the ZYX Yatra also, for a bit more money.

I had a MC Alpha Genesis 1000 (pedecessor to the ZYX R-100) on an original WTT 15 years ago. While I ultimately didn't care for the WTT (with its sand-filled arm, clear platter, untweaked, the sound was too etched and had no foundation) I never felt the cart was the weak link (and, shifting to a Merrill-modified AR ES1 with a Sumiko MMTi, certainly confirmed it).

I'm sure your late model WTT is a vast improvement over the original. The only caveat is (and this is only a wild-assed guess), your carbon fiber arm may combine with a ZYX to give a sound too lacking in PRaT for you. Chacun a son gout.

Lastly, one of the the Denons (the DL-304, I believe) is relatively inexpensive, is a high compliance cart, and may, repeat, may, be appropriate for the Well-Tempered's mass. It certainly should not put much energy back into the arm.