Musical Fidelity Supercharger for MBL cheapskates?

When I first read about the 550 watt superchargers, I thought it was a bad idea.

As mentioned in the Stereophile article, it's like one of the cheap car power boosters I used to use as a kid (mine had eq).

But since I have become interested in the fairly low efficiency MBL speakers, ans read about the super powerful MBL amps needed to drive them (at least the 101's) I started to think that for a cheapskate working stiff like me that can't afford the super hi watt MBL electronics but who maybe could afford an MBL speaker, that maybe the supercharger was just what the doctor ordered.

Any thoughts?

As an aside, I recently took delivery of new Atma-sphere MA1's.

Since they include a power meter, of course I had to see how many watts I was using. Turns out with my 90db efficient 4 ohm speakers I am mostly peaking at 1 watt!!! This really surprised me. (the subs are powered, however the monitors are driven full range by the MA1's) So for me (right now anyway) the 140 watts the MA1's put out (actually I read atma's typically underrate their output so they are probably over 150 watts) provides more than sufficient headroom and control. I also dont listen super loud.

I may very well end up with some MBL speakers at some point (not the 101's however - I wish) so a supercharger is probably not likely to make it into my stereo.

A supercharger, however may very well make it into my Mazda RX-8's engine bay. It really needs one and costs $1500 less than Musical Fidelity's audio "supercharger." Maybe it sounds better too.
This is a great question. Music Direct just sent me an ad for the Supercharger.

If this is neutral, except for dynamics etc, what a nice option.

The First Watt F4 seems like an interesting option for similar less demanding situations.

When I read the review this item got me more excited about audio gear then anything in some time, it looks on paper to be a winner, sure would like to experience or hear of others experience with these SuperChargers.
In theory, I would shy away from adding a second layer of amplification onto my existing one (i.e. "supercharger"). OTOH, were this to be used, I would have to reconcile myself with the idea of listening to a MF -- rather than an Atma.

In practise, and given low sensitivity spkrs, I would simply cut off low frequencies fm my Atmas at line level. In fact, I would try that right now if I were you (at a total expected cost of around $25). Either off the shelf ones (you know, P-express & alia sell these rca plugs with xover inside them) or better still make them myself (it;s a simple circuit): maybe even, Ralph from Atma can give some pointers:)
I think you'll do more than fine with your 150W Atmaspheres. Try them directly first, with either the 116 or 111 speakers. :)