Musical Fidelity, Hegel, Intoll amps suggestion?

Musical Fidelity m6si
Intoll IN300
Hegel H190

Hey guys, I’m looking for an integrated amp that has HT bypass. Will be running a pair of Tekton Double Impact SE which are due to arrive in a few weeks.

I’ve not had a chance to listen to the above amps. I shortlisted them as they have ht bypass as well as XLR inputs (which I would like to have). The musical fidelity and hegel are available locally, but the Intoll I would have to import. 

I can’t do a tube integrated as I don’t have an appropriate space in the cabinet.

Anyone have experience with the above amps or have made comparisons, your input would be much appreciated. Or if I have missed out any other options (within the general price range of the above) do let me know!
hegel will be a little smoother sounding  with a  lil better bass control (depending on the speaker) than musical fidelity
I assume you mean the Atoll amps. I have the IN200 and it works really well as an amp, only, and delivers nice power. Dual mono power transformers in side. Very beefy. No experience with the others, but I can tell you that a tube preamp plus the Atoll Integrated (using just the amp) is a sweet combination.

I assume you mean the Atoll amps.

Ah yes you're right!
Thanks for the input. As I've zero chance to demo Atoll amps, I have to rely on other user impressions. 

On a side note, I've had to change my musical fidelity option to m5si due to cabinet space constraints.

I may get a chance to demo the h190 this weekend. Fingers crossed. 
Lots of Hegel dealers in the US compared with Atoll. Atoll has a nice history. Good luck!

So I managed to have a quick audition of the hegel h190 but I think the speakers it was paired with at the time were not too good, so it didn't really leave an impression. 

The price I was quoted for the hegel h190 was about usd3.8k. I can import the Atoll IN300 for about usd3.6k.

Between these two, does anyone else have any more feedback? I don't really care for the dac portion of the amps, as I will be using an outboard dac and streamer.