MSB Platinum CD II vs. Audio Aero Capitol MkII

Has anyone had a chance to compare these CD sources? I was able to listen to the MSB Platinum Reference CD II last week at CES 2004, and it sounded terrific.

Has anyone heard the "signature upgrade" for the DACs for the MSB Platinum unit? What kind of improvement does the upgrade do to the sound?

I have been unable to hear the Audio Aero unit yet, so I would be very interested in a comparison. I am told that the Audio Aero sounds "bloomy" due to its tubes.

For the price (roughly $8-9K), would there be other CD players recommended?
I would not ever say my AA CD player sounds 'boomy' Perhaps the opposite is true. I did get a chance to listen the MSB Platinum but the circumstances did not make for a good comparison. The vendor was using a solid state amp and the speakers were B&W Nautilus, both of which I don't like.

Really, having said that, you will probably be happy with either unit as the other won't be sitting on your shelf, forever tempting you.

You might try telling us where you live and maybe someone can suggest an Audio Aero dealer in your area so you can audition it. If you are fortunate to get this Cd player here on Audiogon---and you don't like it---you can instantly sell it for much what you paid for it if you are keeping tabs on bluebook value.

Note:do a search for Audio Aero in the clasifieds and you might be impressed by how many people are waiting to buy one.

the latest Audio Aero comes with an analog passthru so you can hook up your receiver to it and forget about the pre altogether.

Yeah, it is kinda bizarre to buy something so expensive without hearing it. I was fortunate enough to listen to an AA before buying one here on audiogon, and based on this audition and what just about everyone here was saying, I bought it and I am very happy with it.